Monday, October 21, 2019

Our Little Pumpkin!

Time gets away from me on this little blog of mine. I really miss the daily interaction and inspiration I use to get from it. I'm going to try and be better.. Anyways our little pumpkin Sutton Luella aka (Sutty bug) (LuLu)turned 1 on the 8th of October and what better way to celebrate than with a milk bath... She is such a happy baby.. She has two bottom teeth and a smile that lights up any room she is in. We haven't made the pumpkin patch yet but at this point I'm guessing we will just do some trick or treating. I'm anxious to hear what her costume will be. We are practicing  saying Mimi but she has already accomplished pampa over and over.. I'm so blessed with each granddaughter of mine. They bring me such joy. Blessings Pam

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Be Our Guest!

 My little coop/nursery is coming along. I saw this coop and fell in love with it. While I
would love chickens we have decided now is not the time. So for now I thought it would
be fun to have a place to put all my pots,soil and seeds. I think the grand kids will enjoy
helping me plant for the season.s

I look forward to adding some pumpkins to the outside decor and filling the coop with my
collection of terra cotta pots. Now if we ever decide the time is right for chickens I will have
a place to put them... Weather is starting to cool down in the mornings and the colors are changing
a little around my neck of the woods. School starts for Londyn in just a few short days. Labor Day
is right around the corner. Still enjoying a little pool time while we can. Enjoy your day.
                                                                      Blessings Pam

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The DIY continues with the Playhouse..

 I have had so much fun transforming this little playhouse for the granddaughters. However I
think I almost enjoy it more than them... I joke that I have a house payment in this thing and
might have to one day live in it lol.
 Our son in law built a deck for it, we thought about making it into a tree house with a slide but
felt like a deck would be more fun plus give Mimi more space to add my touches...

 Harlow Jaine loves her house and before long Sutton with follow in her footsteps.. However
Harlow took everything out the first time she saw what I did and rearranged it the way she likes

 It even serves as great photo props for the kids and well the pups too.. I have bought some cool
birthday banners for Harlow's 3rd birthday as she wants to have her party here in July.

 Scooby was such a great sport this day... He wanted to get into the photo shoot....

 The deck needs stained and I will be staining in the next few weeks. I really appreciate the work
Anthony did on the deck and am happy to have a little place for the girls to play and make memories.

As you can see the before and after.... Looks good doesn't it... Hope you enjoy today.
                                                                        Blessings. Pam

Monday, April 1, 2019

Girl Time is always fun time!

 A couple weeks ago we enjoyed a sign class at  Eola Hills Winery.. I realized its been far
to long since I enjoyed girl time.. My daughter Jordan and niece Lacey went.. I also met up
with a couple long time friends...

 It happened to be on St. Patrick's Day. We enjoyed some great snacks and some good wine.
The day was filled with lots of laughing. I look forward to hosting my own class in early June.
My daughter has now bought all of the equipment to start her own little sign business and has been
going crazy making signs.... Today is The first of April.. Wishing you a great Month... Blessings..
The Ballard's 1987

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

My Valentine Girls!

 Sutton is such a happy girl.. She had her first sleep over all ready at Mimi's along with the
other two. I must say I have such an appreciation for my daughter. She is very busy but these
girls are all well cared for and spoiled and always come first. I'm not that old but I was exhausted when all was said and done.

 My little Harlow Jaine such a spit fire but at 2 what can you expect. She is constantly moving and
learning. She loves to face time and call to come to Mimi's house.
Londyn turned 10 and she is just such a pleasure to have around. She is starting to grab my clothes, makeup and even some shoes. I just smile and say yes to whatever she asks for. I have realized I can
always replace. The house is filled with Slime,glue and beads. I told my husband man the house is a mess, he reminds me the house comes alive when the kids are here. My three Valentine's! I'm so blessed. Happy Valentines Day!!!
                                         Blessings Pam

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

First Snow of 2019

 Woke up to the first snow fall of 2019 here in the Valley. We hardly ever have snow and if we do
it is gone within a few hours just like today... People go crazy, get all hyped up about it, miss work
etc.... I love it and especially love seeing the reaction on the grand kids faces.... By the looks of it they were very happy.

Londyn just turned 10 last week, Harlow is 2 1/2 as of January, and Sutton will be 4 months on Feb 8th. She is such a happy baby. We just happened to be at their place on Sunday for the Super Bowl and watched her roll over for the first time... She also is on her second tooth I believe.. She started drooling at 2 1/2 months and her mama said I think she is teething? My response was it is way to early. Harlow waited until 15 months and I worried she would never get them lol. However one popped out already... I am so blessed and grateful that they live just a few blocks away and we see them daily and if not we face time. Forecast is for more snow in the next few days and we all wait with enthusiasm... Blessings Pam

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Just Like that three months went by!

 October 8th at 10:34am we welcomed our third granddaughter Sutton Luella weighing in at 7pnds 9oz and 19.5"
 This is our four Tyson, Londyn,Harlow and Sutton. Cute fall pictures.

 Our first family outing including our son and his girlfriend Jessica and our daughters family.
We enjoyed the day at the pumpkin patch.

 Sutton is a very calm and easy baby.  We are very blessed with our girls.
 Harlow is actually 2 1/2 today Jan 13th. She has been very excited about her baby sister.
She is enjoying sleep overs and is quite comfortable here. She loves coming to Mimi's house.

 Londyn is turning 10 January 30th. She has a complete gym in the garage and loves to practice
for her hip hop and gymnastic. She is quite the performer.

 Jessica is quite the addition to our family.. She is so kind and giving. She loves to cook and host
and we love having her here every other weekend. Would love if she lived closer but I suppose an
hour isn't that far lol.
 Pampa steels the show when he is around.. I suppose its just like when I was raising my kids and
got preoccupied with all the household duties. He gives 24/7 one on one attention when they are
around. I'm it until he walks in the room...

 Londyn and I do have a lot of fun when she is around... We had a little photo shoot during
Christmas with all my signs. I do have a sign addiction..I cant remember but I think I bribed her
with a little hobby lobby shopping trip if she participated...

 Londyn started in early September as she has the last 5 years to perform in The Nutcracker.
Its quite the commitment.. She had to practice every Saturday and could only miss one.. She
really enjoys it. We are quite proud of her. I don't believe I could or would ever perform in such
a crowd..

 We enjoyed Storybook Land this year. It is all volunteers and there is so much work that goes into
their displays. We stood in a long line outside and enjoyed hot cocoa and hot donuts while waiting.
We also went to a Christmas light display and drove through listening to Christmas music. We made
great memories this year.
 Harlow enjoyed hot cocoa during one of her sleepovers. Her smile just melts my heart.

Time goes by way to fast. I hope to be blogging more regular. One focus this New Year is to simplify,
slow down, take more pictures and make more great memories. Blessings. Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!