Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Shugs

6 months Today!
Where has the time gone. She is getting so big and busy.
She sat in a grocery cart today. I wasn't there for the big
event but guess she looked so tiny in the thing. Hopefully
this weekend I will have a card reader and can put more
recent photo's on.
So thankful today was a cooler day.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking a Break

Just to let you know I will be back on soon. I have to buy a card reader to down load my photo's.
Been real busy lately. Just got back from camping and had a real good time. Sure alot of work going and coming home. Also trying to stay cool. Other than that not much to blog about. Take care.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back to Life as I know it/Warning lots of pics

So we went on a cruise to Mexico.
This was the ship and us heading into our first stop Catalina

Leaving the ship and heading into the island

Most transportation is done with golf carts.

Umn liked the hats.
This was Mexico and they get you everywhere. This was so
funny as Penny was stuck and couldnt move. The kids are
trained very early and hardly take no for an answer, in fact
they even pinched Tony and one time.

We rented a car in Mexico as we had until like 10:00 at night
if we wanted to before getting back on ship. We drove quite a
bit and saw alot of land..
That is Penny out there and the guys further out.

Right before leaving Mexico. Long day but we had fun.

It was all about taking pics of the twins.

We were laying out and watching contests on the lower deck.
They did ice scuplting, men who had the hairest chest. Funny.

Looking down from up on the ship. The piano bar was always
busy. Beautiful music.

20th Wedding Anniversary!!!! I had to tag along.

Most of the time we did the buffets but one night we got
dressed up and ate at a real nice dining hall.

umn not sure I think I got the pouty lips from Jordan
Back to reality. Still beat tired. I cried the last day because
I missed Londyn so bad. It was great to hold her when I got home.
She of course got a dress and rattle. Thanks for looking. Hope all
is well here. Havent really done any emailing yet. Getting ready
to go to a bbq shortly. Enjoy your evening.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

2nd Annual Parrot Party a Sucess

Starting dancing and danced into the dark.

Tory performing Neil Diamond

I will spare you the 100 pics of the limbo

Noah put the drink down

Thanks Sandy and Greg for a wonderful time.

Two brothers and a sister

I really like you Lakin

Bye Bye
See you all next week!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Last year Parrot Party/lots of pics

Silly kids. No this is Penny and Tony of course.

Oh to be kids again.

Do you love me?


Love you Lacey.


Are you talking to me?

I am Jonah do I look hot?

Tomorrow is the 2nd Annual Parrot Head Party at Sandy's.
Everyone wears tropical clothing and brings some food and drinks
and just have some good family fun. Hope the weather is good. Shouldnt
be to hot. Will take more pics and compare how much the kids have grown.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Tomorrow is Jonah's 15th birthday. That
is Penny's baby. Can you believe it. How time flies. Happy Birthday Jonah!!

We do not remember days we remember moments!