Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer Sale/ Lemonade Stand/ Shed Wonders!

 My sis Penny and I had our 2nd yearly shabby sale.. One reason I decided to stick it out with the
high 90's and one day 108 was for my granddaughter Londyn's Lemonade Stand. I had it custom
built for her and promised she could have it during my sale. She was so tickled about it. I added the
baskets and  the open closed sign. I need to find some more fake lemons and limes and I think it will
be finished. There is a cute cash drawer in the back. It also has wheels which makes it great for moving around.
 For two days straight we worked in the hot sheds, pricing and staging. So much work as we were not
very organized this year. Last year I made cute stamped tags and had a lot more furniture. As I look at what we had I think we had some really cute stuff. Some of it actually made its way back in the shed as I just couldn't part with it.

 My friend Heidi scored these treasures above. I love seeing each persons wants and how we were
able to accommodate so many.
 The items above were some I just couldn't part with. How cute would this rusty pail be with some fall mums in it.

When we bought this house a couple years ago one of the reasons was these sheds. I wanted to start a business and even named it The Shabby Hoot! It has a door that connects the two where I could stock one side and restock the other through the doors. They were never completely finished and my hope this year is to get electricity to them. As much as I would love to do that I am just not sure at this time this is the direction I am going in. I think I will get the one with the windows finished and make it my very own shabby space. Clean it up a little and have flowers next year in the window etc. While I have many years to go and sound like my mother I think when I am retired this would be a great hobby for me. To buy and sale at my leisure. At the moment I will enjoy the shed being empty. Who am I kidding my trunk was full and already unloaded into it. Enjoying the rest of the summer. Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!