Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You best Hurry
Tracie is wrapping things up over at Fishtail Cottage and the winners will be chosen Dec 2nd.
I have to tell you I dont think I missed a giveaway she has posted this month and along with that she emailed personally each time to say thank you or to chit chat about that particular giveaway that day.
Also to remind me to enter as well. I am sure she does that with all but it makes you feel special.. Thanks for the fun. And again it is not to late to go check them out! Okay I am really off now for good... Blessings Pam

My Charlie Brown Tree

Just kiddin~ But it might be the only tree we have this year.. not sure!

 Bringing some Christmas into the bedroom!

 So I got the stamps and ink out the other night and stamped a whole bunch of these with the words
faith, hope, believe, and so on. I need to use wallet size photo's but for now this works..

 Still loving my sign, was suppose to make its way to the porch but kinda like it on my bed each day I make it..
Well off to enjoy some television and a snack.. I am thinking of my shuggie tonight as she is sick with a cold.. So not feeling well. She stayed here last night and very little sleep for me... Looking forward to some sleep tonight. Blessings Pam

4 wks of Giving! Seriously 4wks of giveaways going on here(link above). What do you have to lose... Give it a try!

Another Great Giveaway!

Check out the link below to see how to win these great Stockings. Oh how I love them...
I love the picket fence site. I always get great ideas.. Giveaway until Dec 6th!

I won!

So I was looking at
Link above The Shabby Nest the other day. Love their blog and they introduced GiGi  Petals (Link Below)
I love both their sites and entered the giveaways like I always do and to my surprise I won a 40.00 gift card to Target! Sweet huh? Sorry such a short blog. Split shift and back to work again. Blessings Pam

Monday, November 28, 2011

4 weeks of giveaways at Post Road Vintage:

Please check out link below and watch the video. First prize is 100.00 to her shop! I love all her stuff. Right up my alley. Hope to win!!!! Blessings this evening! Pam

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Do you ever feel?

Like there is not enough time in a day? Well I feel like that all the time. I manage to get to bed it seems like later and later midnight or so! Yesterday I spent most of the day with mom.. Today I started out with making wreaths, rearranging my bedroom, spray painting like crazy.. I had a picture frame above my fireplace that was black never liked the color. Hello why didn't I spray paint it before.. So took advantage of the cool but dry weather this morning. Picture me outside with mix matched pj's on and Noah's tennis shoes, hair on top of my hair, teeth not brushed yet, no shower. Pretty soon I wont be able to do that as Wal-Mart is opening in my back yard.. Bringing fall stuff in each time I come in and out front door,  while piling Christmas stuff by the front door to put out. Exhausting to say the least.. But back to work tomorrow so trying to get as much done as possible. Going to eat some pizza and try to rest what evening is left. Back to work tomorrow.

 I made this one for Penny this morning. Hard to tell but I added glitter to the ends of the cones! Her room has alot of pink in it so thought that would look nice!

I made this one for above my fireplace. Ignore that it is not centered in the frame (now that I see that I am off to fix it).
 Do you remember this black rooster well I am trying to brighten things up so hello white!
Amazing how quick and easy you can transform something. I really like it white and to think it was on its way to Goodwill!

 So moved things in and out and in and out. Took a chandlier down that I need to find a place for. Kinda like it this way for awhile. Thinking the dark lampshades have to go and maybe spray painting the lamps white? Not sure little scared on that one. Wouldn't cute linen shades be cute?
 Thanks Brittany for the sign! Love it! She can custom make you one if interested otherwise she will have them at her booth.
My mama- what can I say but I love you so very much. I pray for you all the time. I pray that you feel better very soon..
                  Blessings  this Sunday evening...Pam

Friday, November 25, 2011


I was thankful for a great feast! I was thankful to only have had to work about 3 hours on Thankgiving.
I was thankful to host and to stay home this year!

 Together thru thick and thin! We all work together and yet we still want to be together. We had an offer to go to Doug's sisters in Eugene but after all having to work and Noah having to work at 3:00am Black Friday we just couldn't see getting on the road so we put a small feast on for a few!

 Cassie and Forrest! What a nice young couple. Forrest shares the twins birthday so we think he is pretty cool! He joins the army in January.

 It looked like we were not going to have either kid home for Thanksgiving! We were kinda at a loss.
Noah's girlfriend also had to work very early for Black Friday. Her family went to Sunriver for the holiday. So she made Noah a turkey dinner at her house since she was home alone.

Jordan and Londyn spent Thanksgiving with Anthony's family(Jordan's boyfriend, Londyn's dad)!
And then just when everyone was going home they stopped by and made our Thanksgiving complete.
I am truly blessed! Tonight I visited with my parents for several hours before heading home for a two day weekend.. Yes I am soooo ready! I always have so much planned that I wanna do. We will see what all I get done.. Blessings Pam

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Check out link below for this great giveaway ending Nov 27th! Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving! Pam

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all out there! I am so thankful for each day! I am truly blessed with family and friends.. Off to work for a few hours and then were hosting 25-30 this evening. Blessings Pam

Monday, November 21, 2011

I won! I won! I won! I won week 3! I cant believe it! I am thrilled! $95.00 value! So again it pays off to sit in front of this computer and get nothing else accomplished. What a wonderful blessing! Whoo Hoo! Again Blessings this fine evening! Pam

Another great Giveaway!

A Beautiful Mess is offering another great giveaway! Check it out.

Please check out link below for all the details. Enjoy your evening. Blessings Pam

Giveaway at Dear Lizzy!

Check out link below for all the details to enter this great giveaway for either one of these!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eventful Day!

 Shabby table at Brittany's (new home today)

 Pictures above at Brittany's house. I always take my camera and snap away! I took Londyn with me and you can see she has so much fun.
 Grating the soap! It smells so good! And so easy and fun to make.
 We made homemade laundry soap today. As I get older I find myself so critical of me! But I can say I loved making it. And guess what most will be getting for Christmas..

 I saw this great idea for these cute bags. I took a towel over and asked Brittany if she could make it and she did it right then and there. I am going to add winter greens and holly to it and put on my front porch. Our friend Heidi is there in the background. We had great time and just chatted away.

 She is making more this evening with solid linens with red stripes for her booth. If you would like one let me know and she will gladly sale them.
 Okay after my very long day, this is as far as my table got. I dont plan on leaving it here just to tired to move it anywhere else. But Love it!

 Ignore the girl in her pajama's in the mirror!

Doe this bed look ready for me or what? I am on my way early I hope. This banner was made from from a friend and neighbor of mine. It is a no sew banner and I am going to attempt to make them. I have all the product but just need the time. Also squeezed a visit into my parents today with Londyn. A trip to Kohl's with Josh, stopped at Jordan's, and now enjoying sometime alone. Guys in Eugene for Duck game. Just heard they lost. So no cookies made yet(tomorrow night date with Londyn to do so)! No wreaths made but no time today. My mind is whirling with ideas and cant wait to play but an extra day at work tomorrow so it will have to wait! Enjoy your weekend! I am! Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!