Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moments Like These

Her response when we said "Do you want to go feed the Ducks?"

Tried to tell her the bread was for the ducks and not her!

Love this one in mid air....

This little girl is my saving grace. I cant even explain the love
I have for her. Her mommy has been sick and so we took her
so she could rest. She is feeling better finally after three long
weeks. I am sure we will be doing this again real soon. Enjoy
the nice evening. Oh it is almost 11:00pm so what is left of it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Do You Pray?

I must ask all who pray to say a prayer for Stephanie over at I have read her blog for sometime now.
Tonight when I felt like I just wanted to throw in the towel sort of speak I went
to my nightly blog as I always do and felt led to ask for prayer for her. She is such
an inspiration to me and so many..
Tonight was a night of puke!! The dog vomited up, londyn mangaged to get several
spots on the white carpet downstairsof vomit too. I will spare you anymore details and decided
not to take pictures, Jordan is sick in bed and went to the doctor today. I hope tomorrow
will be a better day for all. It make me feel better that Penny and I share most everything
so when she told me she went home to a puking and pooping dog on her carpet I felt
a little better. Her dog Sierra has been part of the family for over 12yrs. We all love her.
She is not doing very well. I know Penny is really worried. I will say a prayer for her as well.
Off to bed...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Does this expain

Why I haven't Blogged!!!! Yes this is what my life has come
too. I am hoping I am almost over this stuped cold. I dont
feel bad now just weak and my ribs hurt from hours of coughing.
No sleep. I should just get up instead of spending hrs trying.
Jordan went to the doctor finally this week. She was given 3
prescriptions. She is feeling better also. She has had this thing
for like three weeks. I spent the day cleaning and sanitizing along
with stripping the beds. Sorry do try to keep this on the positive side.
Enough whining.

Another find at Heidi's that I just got hung up after a week of
sitting on counter. The little plate I have had but reminds me of
Kate everytime I see it. It is the butterfly I think!

So the first crappy day of this cold I came home
from a day at work you know restraunt work,
literally wading in the bus tubs of messy gross stuff
wanting to walk through the car wash next door just to
shower. Feeling like stripping in the garage before I even
walk through the door. Oh yea stay positive. So that evening
here comes Penny with this birdhouse from her and Brittany
who owns my fav store downtown the Vintage Market. They
went in on it together and sent it my way. I love it. Thanks

Check out the fresh new grass growing.
Finally after a week sitting on my front porch
i got these flowers potted last evening. Bought
the pots last year and couldnt wait to use them.
After resting and waking up from a nap today I found this. Is
she not adorable. She had a playdate with Lily today. She is
J's friend Breanns baby. She was so excited . That is the second
playdate in a row. Yesterday she played with her cousin Opal.
She is at that age where you dont tell her what she is doing for the
day or she will hound you all morning. She was so excited she kept
going to the door saying park and Breann. She enjoys watching golf
and soccer with her grandpa. But today I think she is just plain
pooped. And so am I! All for now. Enjoy your weekend. Happy Fathers
Day to all Fathers. I work tomorrow and I hope afterwords to go see

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Flaky Friend and A Thank You

This picture makes me laugh everytime I see it. Just had to

My treasures from Heidi and Bev her mom. The jars will go
in my someday scraproom with buttons and things. I thought
about putting it outside with flowers or something but just cant
seem to get myself too. It would be cute with hairbrushes and
rubberbands too.
New grass growing in the back yard. We have always had bark
dust which made it pointless to want to be out there. You cant
go barefoot or anything. It wasnt until Londyn came that we said
umn why not grass. Duh.. Now if we could get the quail and birds,
spuirrels, and anything else that is out there to leave it alone. This
table and chairs came from Heidi's mom. We had one and passed it
on to Dougs newphew. So this is nice to have now. I am in hopes of
fixing up the back yard a little. They had a garge sale on Saturday.
That is one reason I am calling myself a flaky friend as I didnt make
it to my scrap day which I really wanted to go and planned for a month
to go. Even bought stuff for it and then bailed. But truth is I had a great
day and spent the day with my sister Penny of course, and sister in law
Starla. I got 5hrs sleep and got up at the crack of dawn. Saw a hot air
balloon go over the house, enjoyed a nice lunch outside. Even made it over
to see my other sister who lives in the mountains and I dont see as often as
I would like. So there isnt enough time to do it all. Some day I will enjoy my
scrapping I know I will.
My little feeder I pd $1.oo for. So thank you Heidi and Beverly.
I also got Jordan a dresser from her sale as well. What a deal.
I am thankful for family and friends. Each day is a gift and I am very
blessed to reconize it. God is good to me! I have a friend who lost their
dog and I haven't been able to get them out of my mind. I know some
of you may not be pet people but those who are know that they really are
a part of you and become your family. So I hope you are doing better and
hope each day gets a little easier. Okay I am tired and off to bed. Enjoy
your week.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am a stalker and more

So that is what I am calling myself these days. This store is
the one I got my shabby chic antique radio. The other day
I found my mom an antique truck that was taken to war.
It had the gentleman's paperwork still on it. There was a date
of 1942. It stunk of an old smell. She said if you want it I will
sale it to you for $20.00 today. Tomorrow it will probably be
different. Who could refuse. I love to go look around. The ladies
have finally got Penny and I figured out now. We sure can confuse
people if they dont know there is two of us. Especially after work
when we are in our work clothes. They remind me I was there very
first sale! Love it!

Umn this is her reaction when I said enough. What a mess
pick it up now! Not always a smiling face.

While Gammy was getting ready for the day.

Okay girls. I know you think I am going to bale but I am so there
Saturday. I cant wait. I am so excited to see my friends again.
Also to see the newest and latest as I am so out of the loop. I will
see you there. I did get some treasures I am bringing them. See you

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am Blessed and Thankful

Jordan at Aunt Sandy's not exactly sure how old
Noah and Jordan on the left, Mikhail and Tory on the right

So I am blessed and thankful for computers and family. I took
these off of Sandy's facebook. Actually I dont have one so Penny
has one and I got them from hers. Any how this is Grandma Opal
my mother-in-law. I was so blessed with wonderful inlaws. I adored
them both. Doug's dad went home in 1991 and his mom in 2006. His
parents and my parents got along very well. It could'nt have anything
to do with three of us married into three of them? I sure miss the Happy
Birthday singing grandma Opal would do on your birthday. She would
call and sing to you and she never forgot. Always a smile on her face and
never never a ill word towards anyone.

Grandpa Eulus and Tory..
So this week has been so crazy. Seriously
not much time do be on computer or anything.
But today J returns from a four day vacation to
O'dell lake up in the mountains with her boss(Aunt)
my brother and her cousin. She didn't take Londyn so
that explains the lack of blogging on my part. Sure glad
she is home. However we have had a great time with her.
We took her to Avery Park yesterday and then to the
Humane Society where she saw Kitties and Doggies. I did
tell myself before going in that I was not falling in love with
any of them as I need nothing more to take care of. However
anyone looking for a kitty let me know. My parents have two
litters. One litter is ready to go now. About five weeks old..
I spent two nights stressing over my renewel of my Olcc liscense
for work. (Alcohol). Anyways card came in yesterday and I got
100%! Sweet. Off to do some chores.

We do not remember days we remember moments!