Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am a stalker and more

So that is what I am calling myself these days. This store is
the one I got my shabby chic antique radio. The other day
I found my mom an antique truck that was taken to war.
It had the gentleman's paperwork still on it. There was a date
of 1942. It stunk of an old smell. She said if you want it I will
sale it to you for $20.00 today. Tomorrow it will probably be
different. Who could refuse. I love to go look around. The ladies
have finally got Penny and I figured out now. We sure can confuse
people if they dont know there is two of us. Especially after work
when we are in our work clothes. They remind me I was there very
first sale! Love it!

Umn this is her reaction when I said enough. What a mess
pick it up now! Not always a smiling face.

While Gammy was getting ready for the day.

Okay girls. I know you think I am going to bale but I am so there
Saturday. I cant wait. I am so excited to see my friends again.
Also to see the newest and latest as I am so out of the loop. I will
see you there. I did get some treasures I am bringing them. See you

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  1. i have no idea about the latest and greatest but i will be there! can't wait to see you


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