Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slowly coming around back to myself

Saw this on one of my favorite blogs.
I know no one wants to hear me whine but I will anyways.
I have had the return to life blues. I have been so exhausted
and no energy what so ever. I am finally feeling back to myself
today. Thank goodness. I have so much stuff to do and get
caught up on chores and getting my photo's done. My camera
broke while I was gone I was so bummed. I managed to get
several days though before it broke. Now I need to find a good
repair shop for my camera. Anyone know of anyplace. Well I will
upload more pics soon. Happy Birthday today to my Brother Bill.
He is a leap year baby. Also congrats to Jordan's friend Breann,
her baby girl was born last night. Almost 9lbs( 21 1/2 in long)!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Home safe but tired

Will have so many pics to share soon. A
few days of rest and catching up and I will
post some wonderful memories. Just letting
everyone know we are home safe.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

1yr photo Shoot for Londyn/ Vacation

Heading here very early Saturday morning. 90 degree
weather sounds so good to me right about now!! Looking
forward to sometime away with two sisters and two nieces.
I am sure going to miss my family and Shuggy Faith of course.
Will be back in a couple of weeks. Will post pictures of the
trip when I return. So much to do just getting ready to leave.
What a birthday present. I am missing Valentine's Day and
will be gone over my birthday and missing Doug's all together.
I know everything will be fine while I am gone. Wish me well
and to all that pray please pray for us and our safe return.

My favorite.
There is 45 of these adorable photo's and I so wanted to post
them all but have little time. So I will leave you with a few.
Jenny just continues to amaze me. Everytime they just get
better and better. Will post more when I get back. She is learning
so much and am talking and babbling alot. Love Her......

Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally Last Sat B-Day party

This is her cousin Tate, she helps with the babysitting.
Mom bought me this hat from Old Navy!!!

Silly Girl

Uncle Cousin Tony or something like that

My great grandma, Aunt Penny and Aunt Kim bought this
for me.

Pippa she is my cousin too!!

My second Cousin Sara!!

Aunt Kim and Aunt Penny!!!!!!!!!
My moms good friend Kelsy and her son Brydon..
Tobin and Ladan!!!

Of course my grandma

Oh no its Blurry!!!
Cous Mikhail!!!

Well that is all for now!! Have a great evening. Need to pick
up her pictures from Classy Capture!! They turned out so
cute. Also will have to post pics of my vacation coming soon!
Have a great evening.

Monday, February 1, 2010

One more Layout/Shuggie Pictures

This one I put together in about an hour. Happy with it..

This is the very first paper for the fridge,
and she is only one!! I smile everytime I
see it.
Jordan bought her this umbrella stroller. Sure makes it easier
to pack around. She likes it to.

Love this apron. She spent the day with Lacey and Jordan
playing in the paint. Glad it was at Aunt Starla's house. I said
I would of been worried about the mess. Isnt that terrible.
Jordan left yesterday for the coast for a couple of days. It has
been fun taking care of her. She had a great birthday with pics
to come later on. Enjoy your week.

We do not remember days we remember moments!