Friday, November 30, 2012


I have been listening to this video in the morning and before bed. It truly inspires me. Thought I would share with you.. Blessings Pam

Dried Hydrangea Wreath.. is hosting three weeks of giveaways starting off with a wreath, magazine and soap.. Oh how I love this one. So please go check out link above to find out how to win these items.. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings Pam

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tid Bits of decorating started

 Took these in the morning light. Hard to see but in the evening it looks so pretty with the lights on. Of course Londyn likes to redecorate it when she comes over. Tonight we added green apples to the tree.
 I brought out my red rose pattern linen. I think it looks good for Christmas.

Hard to see this vintage bird picture in the back ground but my mom painted it when she was a child. I told her I just had to have it. Mom is 83 so I guess saying vintage is ok? My dad was moved out of the hospital today and into a nursing/rehab facility.. Long road ahead. Praying he will have to will to get better. I have to admit I have been in a funk today and had to go back to work. Thanks Laura for being there when I got there with a little gift. Just what I needed to get the day started.. Blessings Pam

Sunday, November 25, 2012


 I thought I would weigh in on what I was thankful for this year... These beautiful flowers were delivered below Thanksgiving morning from a dear friend to my door. Thanks Teddie and girls..

 I had to work Thanksgiving as people still have to eat. It wasnt to bad though only like three hours.
We had our kids for thanksgiving after I got home from work. Noah on the left, he had to work that evening for Black Friday and worked all night. Our daughter and her boyfriend came over with Londyn.
 Its weird but a feeling came over me that I am a mom and grandma and am making our own tradition. Weird huh but sometimes I feel like I am still young like 18 or something and forget that I am older and have kids that old.
 Never to old to sit on pampa's lap.
I am truly blessed for my family. My children above our like 17 months apart and have each others back.. I love to watch the interaction between the two! My dad took a fall last Sunday and has been in the hospital every since. Had some good days and some bad.  Thank goodness he looks worse than he feels and does not remember falling. We are in for more changes ahead. This holiday was tough as we could not be with him for dinner.. I also got the news friday that a fellow blogger passed away..
I have followed her well over a year and recieved a beautiful Christmas card last year with a picture of her and her family. She had an amazing smile and beauty about her. Her blog wrote:
today, heaven got unspeakably and exponentially richer. Shawna passed away this morning and is finally cancer free. Even though she was only fifteen minutes away I had never met her and always had hoped too. My heart aches for her family... If you would like to read her story you can here: So glad to be up and running again. Had some issues with my picasa storage so thanks Jordan for figuring it out. I was having withdrawls from not being able to post. I will have to post some Christmas decorating soon. Blessings Pam

Friday, November 16, 2012

Where should I eat?

Was the question after I sat our little table for two!

 My answer was the living room!

 I hung a hook on the side of my cabinet so I could display different pictures. I love the look of the old hanger. On the look out for more!
 When I go to the local Goodwill I never know what I might find. These tea towels were bundled for $4.99
Metal arrow thing was .99, little bowl all alone was .49, and this two piece gravy bowl(not sure the proper name) was 7.99 comes with a spoon. Been watching for one for sometime. It is in perfect shape. I dont think it is that old but I love it.

 This tea towel sums it all up!

 Love this sign from my mama!
Already posted this banner but wanted to remind myself that I am thankful. Made one that says
O' Holy Night and am going to display on my bed. Before I jump into Christmas I want to remember what I am thankful for: TGIF for sure... Blessings Pam

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pretty Pioneer Girl + Giveaway

Keely from has offered Heather from
one of these sweet dresses. So please go to Heather's site to find out all the details. Remember if you dont have a little girl it would work great for a niece, granddaughter etc. Blessings Pam

Monday, November 12, 2012

Dear Londyn~

Dear Londyn,
Right now you are a little over two months from being 4! You joined me for tea on Saturday waking up that morning crying for gammy. You called me asking when the tea was. You love to craft with me. You paint so well, draw your name with little flaw. You stayed the night on your mommy's birthday and was up until almost midnight and then stayed Saturday night too. You love to clean with me and get involved in everything I am doing. You are sensitive and cry easy just like I did when I was little. Dora has taken back seat to Mickey Mouse. You count so well and like to read... You love to go visit grandpa and grandma great. You love to dress yourself and usually do first thing when you wake up. You love noodles and mac and cheese, also the chocolate milks from Dutch Bros.Your excited about each holiday and are already planning your next costume for Halloween. You sleep with Hippo and or Lammie.. You dont like covers when you sleep never have and you like to hog the whole bed. You are gammy's girl and I love you so very much. I always ask you how much does gammy love you and you reach up and say to the sky! I couldnt be more blessed!
         Love your Gammy!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hosted our very 1st Tea!

 Penny and I hosted our very first successful tea! We had 11 guests.. Our table was for 8 and a couple people who wasn't going to come came too. We have been guests the last two years at this event. It is a fundraiser for the Brownsville museum. We were gifted this table and I think it was easier and funner to be a guest than host. However with that said we pulled it off. I was stressed about how to decorate but last week I realized that we had most of it throughout our home and decided to make it a thankful theme.

 Penny did buy these water goblets the day before with chalk on the bottom of them. What a cute idea!
 My good friend Laura bought these white cups and saucers a few days prior. They worked perfectly. She gave them to me so I will have them in the future.

 Penny and I hit the goodwill earlier in the week and found the napkins, napkin rings and table cloths. It was a great score.

 The jug was used as a water pitcher and I was given lots of compliments on being creative..

 The food was catered in and was so very good! The tea was at a teen challenge center in Shedd. All volunteers sat up tables, served water, helped clean up and were very kind.
I made this banner Thursday evening in a couple of hours and now have my creative juices flowing again and cant wait to make more for all seasons. It was a feel good day! I am THANKFUL! Sorry for so many pictures. The only complaint we  heard was we didn't leave any elbow room to eat. Oops!! We actually brought more and left it in the car! Have a great Sunday evening. Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!