Saturday, December 28, 2013

Relax, Rest and Rejuvenate!

 I had a wonderful low key Christmas. My two grown children and grandchild spent the night. It was so nice having them home. Even though we all live in the same town we don't spend as much time as I would like. We enjoyed a big feast Christmas Eve and than enjoyed Christmas morning and into the day together. I spent the day after Christmas getting all my stuff put away. I was ready!
 I love old dishes and this one with the paper whites caught my eye. I said once I kill these paper whites and I will as I have no green thumb, I will have a pretty dish..
 My kitchen is moving to the bathroom. I love this old yellow cabinet and just cant seem to part with it. I moved it to the bathroom and seem to be putting my overflow from kitchen in there. Kinda strange I know but I kinda like it.
 I made out on perfume this year. My daughter bought me one, my son bought me some and I treated myself to some...
I was delighted on Christmas Eve to receive all these goodies in the mail. Merry Christmas to me..
Thanks to Lisa from for the remainder of my giveaway win with the tote pictured upper left. Thanks to Kris from for the tote pictured upper right. Thanks to Linda from for the charms. I felt so very blessed... Today I am trying to get organized again, rest, relax and rejuvenate after such a busy holiday season. Blessings Pam

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pumpkin Hollow(Christmas in the Mill)!

One last place I went to before Christmas. It is tucked away in a little wooded area in our North area.. It was so peaceful and a fun place to visit. Primitive Antiques,Christmas Goods, Hornbeams,Fold Art, Period Lighting is mostly what they carry. I found some burlap I had to have (imagine that)! I also found some curtains that I would like to get myself after Christmas, we shall see! Wishing you all A Merry Christmas. I am so giddy today as my children Noah and Jordan and granddaughter Londyn are all spending the night... Blessings! Pam

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thank You's!

 I wanted to thank Rhonda from for my charm. I won on a giveaway and she sent it out ever so quickly. I added some twine for now and put on my dress form until I get a chain..
 I spend alot of time on my computer reading blogs and entering giveaways. I could have worse habits right? Anyways I won on Joy sent my magazine out right away.. I love it and my little gifts in the mail our my Christmas gifts. I am so blessed and beyond grateful. Thanks so so much..
 I took today to stay in my pajama's and destress a little from the work week and craziness of the Christmas season. When you work with the public it can really take a toll on you. I spent the day getting caught up on my house and paperwork. Tomorrow we will finish up the last minute details. I feel so good about what I accomplished today.
 The weather was nice today. I should of raked leaves and cleaned the car. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow I can get to it.
 I also got my laundry soap made and ready to hand out. I enjoy making gifts for people. Along with that and the hair clips I should be set for the girls at work and some wonderful customers I have.

My beautiful granddaughter Londyn on the left and her bestie Lilly on the right. They went to the mall today with their moms and saw Santa. Londyns shirt is a gift from me. It says grandma's favorite gift. I love it. Well Merry Christmas to my blogging friends. You have all blessed me so much this year. So many prayers, words of comfort as I dealt with the hardest thing I can imagine. Losing both my parents in the span of 7wks has been hard. I feel like I have done better than I could ever think possible. This week has been spent with lots of tears. I miss them terribly. Especially this time of year. I look forward to the New Year! Blessings Pam

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This and That!

Welcome to our home!
  I found this shabby piece pictured above. I just love it. It was at our local shabby store. I had a credit so it only cost me $3.00 The little welcome to our home sign was free as I went to Real Deals and they were handing out secret envelopes. Mine was $5.00 free!
 I have a scale fetish I must say. I have no idea how many I have... Sorry for the poor picture quality. I use my phone as I really need to get my camera in the shop. I post alot on instagram and if you want to follow me my username is PAMBALLARD.
 I ordered these really cute chalk labels. So many uses for them.
 Several weeks ago I won a giveaway on! It was for the pillow pictured above. It came last week and I must say I love it. Studo Tullia is where it came from. She is a gal about an hour from my home. If you get a moment she has some beautiful things.
 Thanks Suzanne.
Making little hair clips this morning for gifts. Simple and quick..
This year I am all about small business sales. Making people feel good about all the hard work that goes into making things. Hat pictured above was made by a senior customer. I bought mine for $12.00 and was able to get her 5 orders. I cant imagine all the hard work that goes into making these. I sure put a smile on her and her husbands faces.. Well I hope you are enjoying your week. I am off to work. Blessings Pam

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tradition at the Vintage Roost!

 Each year I enjoy going to The Vintage Nest. It is located in the country hills of North Albany. Last evening I headed there close to closing as the fog was rolling in. It made for such a lovely walk down the path to get to this little house. It really makes me feel all giddy inside. The music is playing. There is hot drinks to drink, goodies to eat, I just feel like I am in a little fairy tale. Debbie the owner is so genuine, and kind. I don't always buy but she never makes you feel the pressure too! Okay well most of the time I do come home with a little treasure. ssh!
 I love the sign above. I just need more wall space.
 I came home with this little scale pictured above. I collect them and cannot not get enough of them.

So that does it for the Vintage Roost tour. This is such a dream of mine to have a cottage to do something like this with. A girl can dream cant she? Hope you have a wonderful day! Blessings Pam

Thursday, December 12, 2013


 I think we might be coming into some warmer temps. It has been a long 6days. I have to admit I love that it has slowed me down, kept me home, counting my blessings for a warm place and the simple things.

We don't get snow very often. It only snowed one day but it stayed 6 days due to the temps. We still have a little. Hoping to get some much needed shopping done soon.. Hope you enjoy your day! Blessings Pam

Monday, December 9, 2013

Homestead find!

When my parents passed this last year we decided to rename their home the homestead. I think it made it seem a little easier to say that than moms and dads. Or at least that was the intention. Anyways while there this summer I found this rusty piece in the yard under some brush. I loved it and wondered what I was going to do with it. This is what I came up with. The candy dish was all so moms. I have it on my dresser in my room. This is my third day in. We are having extreme weather. Record setting lows. I am so glad to be in where it is warm. Today I will have to be brave and put my big girl pants on and go to work. Be safe and warm where ever you are. Blessings Pam

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Staying in where its warm!

It is just way to cold to go anywhere. Coldest temps that I remember in a very long time. Its nice in away as I can get to some things I have been wanting to get done. Like hang some things. Little medicine cabinet has been sitting on floor for several weeks, love hope and joy needed hooks and hung, and a new sign well I haven't found a place yet. I adore this sign "It is well with my soul"! Today I am going to tackle the office which seems to be the drop off for everything. Wish me luck! Blessings Pam

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Out with the old in with the new!

 I had a friend come over the other night and shop my home. It was fun. She bought several items. She needed an old typewriter, I happened to have two. I parted with one. She bought $163.00! It was sure fun. I felt good getting rid of some stuff. However yesterday I brought more home, after all that's how it works right. I went to the local post office where they have a little vendor space. This one booth happen to be 60%off so I came home with this printers drawer for $10.00
 The two heavy tarnished glasses were .80 cents each. I think they are worth way more than that. They are heavy. This scale is one of many I have. It is so rusty but I love it. I like changing it up quite a bit.
Well it is way cold here. Someone said we are going to have snow tonight. We will see! Stay warm and have a great day! Blessings Pam

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Starting to feel like Christmas!

Added a few touches throughout the last couple of days. I haven't had a real tree in several years. I have two little fake trees. One I put in my room and one in the living room. I use pine cone scensty throughout the house for the smell. I love to walk into the house after a day at work. Most of the time I can smell it on my porch. I bought the wreath from a lady on facebook. I have seen them all over but for me buying from a small buisness or independant person gives me more joy. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. Blessings Pam

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Saying Goodbye to November!

 30 days of being Thankful was fun for me. It allowed me to take a few moments each day to think about all that I am thankful for. To remember those that might not get mentioned or recognized often. It also made me realize I have alot to be thankful for and am truly blessed.
 Thanksgiving day I had to work for a few hours. So after we headed over to my daughters house for our first Thanksgiving at her home. It was so nice not to have to cook. I did help pick up however. It made me realize how proud I am of her and how well I did raising her. My granddaughter Londyn pictured above with her half brother Tyson. There was so much food that I am still full.

Tis the season to get busy. I am off to start many tasks of the day. Where to start I don't know! I have such a long list its almost to much. I hope you have a wonderful Day. My motto today is Bring it on! Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!