Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anniversary Party!

No not mine but got your attention right? Debbie at is hosting a giveaway for her 3rd Blogging Anniversary! How would you like a chance to win!
Here are a few paragraphs from Carolyn's book,

which will be released in October of this year by CICO Publishing.Once again, I would like to welcome you back to the plantation that we call home. It is always a work in progress and is ever-changing, just like me. Always evolving through time and where my passion lies. I think back to my childhood, how our house would move through seasons and time, and whatever my mother was passionate about at the time, was always reflected in our home's interior. Whether it was modern and sleek or an Asian themed interior this is where she felt comfortable or what she considered beautiful. Of course, there were and still are with me, the things that you love the most and you simply cannot part with and should never have to. These are the base of your design plan and then you can build your room around these things."

(Next two images taken from Carolyn's book The French Inspired Home)

Image above taken from!
"There is much more to creating a home than going to a furniture store and randomly choosing a packaged room. As I always say, your home should tell the story of those who dwell there. Everyone has a story that tells of their own journey through life. Your home should speak out about where you have been, who is dear to you, and those special trinkets and trappings that you have picked up along the way. Many of you are facing a blank canvas. For some, that can seem a daunting task with all of the white walls and empty spaces that need to be filled. When faced with a large space, it is often a good idea to break it down into smaller little vignettes, that seem to warm up the room and make it more comfortable. A seating area of random French chairs, benches, and gorgeous stacked oil paintings and collections that layer a big wall space to make it breathtaking and interesting, all at the same time, and most importantly, telling your story."

Carolyn Westbrook from "Through the French Door"
So please head on over to to find out all the info on this awesome giveaway.. Hope your day is grand! Blessings Pam

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I am up too!

We are moving!!! And you know what i have decided? I have a whole lot of stuff as my husband and kids call it JUNK! Wait a minute umn I dont think it is junk but I do agree I have a whole lot! Anyways thanks so much to my friend Brittany who text and said do you need help packing and dropped her busy life to come help me pack the Scraproom last night... She helped me put it together so she helped me tear it apart. I will be so glad to get this done.. It will be fun to have the chance to move things around and maybe have a Sale when I am settled...
Hope you have a great day! I will share pics along the way... Blessings Pam

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A giveaway and a request! is hosting a giveaway for a copy of Somerset magazine.. No hoops to jump just leave her a comment and while your there scroll through her blog it is amazing... If you have time to check out Shawna's blog you truly will be blessed. She has been through so much this last couple years. I have yet to meet her but hope someday to get the chance.. I have missed a couple fundraisers where I had hoped to do so. I am praying always for her. If you get the chance to leave her a comment that would be awesome! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend... Blessings Pam

Friday, June 22, 2012


Heather is hosting a great giveaway! Check out the link above for all the details. I love this magazine.. Heathers blog is also very inspiring.. Blessings Pam

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yippee Skipee!!!

I won! I won! I won!

Thanks so much Rachel from I am so very excited, I have been so giddy all night. Thanks again... See I keep saying it pays to sit at this computer as much as I do!!  Check the last couple of posts I have done for some more giveaways... Blessings Pam

Great Giveaway!!!

Kerrie over at is hosting a giveaway. She has such beautiful work and detail. So please go find out all the details at link above.

Hope your having a wonderful evening.. Blessings Pam

Barn Light Electric 1,000 Giveaway!! is having an amazing giveaway. These are only a few of my favorites..
How to Enter:

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Best of Luck!!! Blessings Pam

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scores at the Goodwill!!!

 This longaberger basket was mispriced and they had to give it to me for $2.99 should of been a lot more.. Shabby chic pillow cases two blue ones and one linen sham. Love!

 Green apples and a little light!
 Two rooster placemats with the new tags still on! Not pictured was two birdcage hanging planters that went to Penny and a bird napkin holder.

 I couldnt pass this heavy hanging chandlier up either.

 Shabby chic pair of curtains that fit perfectly on the windows beside fireplace..
 I bought the frame for $2.99 and added chicken wire. It is heading to my booth!
Also a find at Goodwill was this hanging pot and pan rack also headed for the booth.. So I really scored dont you think? Thanks to Lacey for letting me borrow her little camera until I get mine fixed. I am back now and snapping away! Goodnight! Blessings Pam

It only took months!

Several months back I won this beautiful gift wrap from Nicki over at:! I new I wanted to frame it for my bedroom. I was waiting for the perfect frame.. Well my mom gave me this large frame it is like 16x20 maybe bigger. It was heavy gold.. Made very well.. She actually gave it to me to sell in the booth. Sorry mom. Money coming your way soon. I of course painted it white and sanded a bit..
It doesnt have glass but that is okay.. I like how it turned out... Hope you enjoy your Tuesday! Blessings Pam

Monday, June 18, 2012

Loving this giveaway!

Head on over to to find out how you could win these great products.  Wish I had more time to tell you about it but again all details over at! Blessings Pam

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!

 Happy Father's Day to my Dad! I was so happy to get a chance to go visit him this evening. I am always greeted with this huge smile! I have such a hard time when it comes to leaving him. He is always so proud to share that I am one of his twin daughters to all of his dinner friends...

My brother happened to show up five minutes behind me.. He is twenty years older than I am! Oh and I must send a Happy 63rd shout out to my sister Teresa who has a birthday today on Father's Day, and she is 20 yrs younger than my dad who will be 83 on July 1st. I know my dad will not see this but I love you dad and am so proud to be your daughter.. Your the best!!!!! Blessings Pam

Saturday, June 16, 2012

2nd Chance Giveaway!

There are two giveaways going on for this wonderful book and I can only hope my chances get better.. Check out for another three chances to win! Giveaway until June 25th at midnight!

Author Nina Hartmann is an internationally known stylist of interiors and purveyor of vintage objets d'art. For the past eight years, Nina has run the vintage and antique shop and has a show room in Sweden. Nina's love for design and unique items with history have made her one of the most talked about and respected figures of design style in Scandinavia. Her Book Vintage by Nina has already been sold all around the world and is now coming to the U.S. in its English version. Both Nina's and Swedish photographer Maria Isabel Hansson, have been published in design magazines internationally. I am sure you are familiar with some of the images as they are avidly shared in the social media web blogs as well as Pinterest, Facebook, etc

Vintage by Nina book contains 160 beautifully inspiring pages that inspire the art of restyling salvage of old and pieces with time-worn history in its readers and evokes a livable longing for rooms washed in the whites of age.

Title: Vintage by Nina


Hardcover: 164 pages

Dimensions: 10"x 8.5"

More than 300 colour photographs
Hope you are enjoying the start of a beautiful weekend. Blessings Pam

Friday, June 15, 2012

More Blog Love! I have so many fun blogs to look at that I come across. I am starting to sound like my mother.. She use to say when I retire I am going to sit in my rocker and listen to 8 tracks all day.. Well she doesn't do that but I know she really wanted to someday.. Now I say someday when things slow down I am going to sit and look at all these blogs that I saved to favorites and let me tell you there is alot of them.... So for now I will share them with you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Let the Sun shine down on us all! Blessings Pam

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Giveaway going on here:

Rachel over at is having a super giveaway..  She is giving away not one but two of these beautiful books sometime next week!

Head on over to check out all the details.. Plus if you haven't already it will give you a chance to see Rachels beautiful blog. Blessings Pam
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