Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween to All

For those who wont see her tomorrow.
I got the cd from Jenny today. I think
they are sooooooo cute!!! Will have lots
to print off soon. These were are family
ones and then she will get her 9mo ones
next week. Speaking of which she is 9 mo
today. So Happy Birthday Shugs. She is
17 1/2 pounds today. She had a wic appt.
She looks like a bruiser right now.
We are looking forward to taking her to
the mall and downtown tomorrow and to
some friends and family.
I sorta checked out on my computer this week.
I sure have alot of emails to delete and respond
too. I hope everyone has a safe and happy
day tomorrow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Weekend

Seriously I felt like the Roseanne's this weekend. Total
chaos. We were all at each others throats. We had family
portraits Saturday night. We all knew about it two weeks
prior but do you think any of us were prepared. Nope!!
Jordan and I were out on Saturday looking for something
to wear. Had gone to the drycleaners to pick up clothes and
ended up not wearing them. When we finally got down there
we ended up having a good time. I hope they turn out good.
Free is a good price as I won the package from Classy Capture.
Thanks Jenny. We will be seeing her in a couple weeks for
Londyn's 9 month photo's. She called her a maracle baby.
She is walking and says baby and kitty already. She is so smart.
We also got her pictures in her Halloween costume taken.
She grabbed a towel and pretended to help me clean the kitchen
Kinda feeling a little into fall finally. Jordan and I were out
and about and went to a produce stand and they were
giving pumpkins away. So we got some for us and Penny
of course. I just need to fix my porch up hopefully before
the season is over.

She has such beautiful eyes.

Couldnt help sneaking a couple pics in of
Londyn. Have a great week. Off to finish
Sunday chores.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank Goodness for DVR's

So sad he is leaving the show.
All My Children!!
Pretty sad that this is all I have to blog about today.
When we brought Londyn home from the hospital
every night until she got adjusted to regular sleep
we would watch All My Children. I would say its our
show Shugs. Now when she hears the show she starts
to dance. She gets all excited. It is so cute. Now I got her
mom hooked and Cousin Taylor when she is here and
I think Lacey watched it the last couple of days too.

I have been watching for years and cant wait
until January when these two return. Pretty sad
my life had come to this isnt it? No really just have
been busy working and not much time for anything
else. I miss my computer time and scrapbooking.
We found a costume for Londyn for Halloween. I will
post pictures of that next week. She will be 9mo on
Halloween. Have a great weekend. Hopefully some
dry weather. Thanks Ed and Peg for the nice gift to
Londyn. I have such great customers at Izzy's. It makes
my job so much more easier seeing all your faces.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shuggie Wuggies

Just wanted to post this picture as I love
it. Also to say that she is really starting to
walk everywhere. She started Friday night.
I was over at Penny's and got a call saying she
just started going and didnt stop. She is just
shy of 9mo. She started taking a step or two
right at 8mo. She still has no teeth yet. Tonight
she is napping on my lap and most of the time
when I have her I will lay her down to get up and
clean or piddle around but tonight I just wanted
to watch her sleep and spend time with her. She
enjoys getting into all my scrap stuff. I love her.
On another note I went to Penny's Friday night and
she had recorded Oprah and we watched it. It had
Stephanie (
on there. I was so glad she saved it for me.
She has really inspired me. Enjoy your week and will
try to post more often.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For you Heidi

This was one thing I bought over the weekend. Since you asked
thought I would show you. It is hard to see the size of this but
it is pretty long. I am hoping to put some pics on it. Of course
Londyn I am sure. I put it in my bedroom. I am glad I got it.

My new Scentsy plug in from Penny.
Thank you I love it.

Not sure what these dried things are but
loved them for fall. They are prickly that
is for sure. I bought them and my sister
said I cant believe you are buying it i have
lots of stuff like that on my place. So she is
suppose to be giving me some holly for Xmas.
I got laughed at by my kids as I am snapping
pics in the house, they think I am silly. But I
am sure one day they are going to appreciate
all the pics I take. Have a great evening.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Memories Made

It doesnt matter how I try to put these in order they just
dont turn out that way. We couldnt of asked for better weather
while we were gone. It was dry and the sun was out. Cold early
mornings and late evenings but mostly you didnt need a coat.
Tent after tent in Sisters at the Harvest Fair. We all managed to
buy some treasures.

Jeff was kind enough to take pictures of the girls of course.

My sisters Pat and Penny. Thanks so much for driving the
whole time Pat.

These are memories that I will treasure forever. We talked
and laughed and ate the whole time. Mostly just caught up
on each others lives.
This was looking out our window at the River House.

And this is what I came home to. The plumber came and
fixed our upstairs shower but had to go through the dining
room ceiling to get to it. Cracked pvc pipe. I just gasped
when I saw this whole in the ceiling. The bummer thing
is we cant match the ceiling now so the whole thing will
have to be painted. On a good note my newphew Ryan came
and trimmed the front bushes and made them look really nice.
Now if I could just get my front porch decorated for fall. Always
running behind. Anyways had a great time and feel very blessed
to have such a wonderful family. I didnt get any pictures of my
other sister Teresa she drove over to Bend for the day Saturday
with her grandson. We all had a wonderful dinner. Thanks for looking.
Have a great week.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Girls

They want something I just dont know what!
But with this look who can say No!!
Londyn is getting over her cold but now her mommy
has it. I had given Londyn the nick name Buggie Bubbles.
So glad she is feeling better. She took three steps yesterday.
Before long she will be walking I just know it.
Cant wait for my weekend getway. Is it Friday yet?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Family visits

This is my great niece Stephanie. She is making me a great
great Aunt in January. She is having a baby girl. This was
her first visit with Londyn. She called and wanted to spend
the evening with me. It worked out perfectly. I had the
whole day to myself well I kept Londyn as she has a viral
cold. So it was grandma and Londyn time. Anyways the guys
went to Eugene for the duck game and Jordan babysit for
Crystal in North Albany she had her hands full with four little
kids. So it was a perfect time for Steph to call. We had McDonalds
for dinner and watched t.v..
Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my mom.
I enjoy each moment I get with her. We are heading to Bend next
weekend just mom and her daughters. Cant wait. We are staying
at a really nice place and then heading to Sisters on Saturday for the
fall festival. Cant wait. Have a great week!!

We do not remember days we remember moments!