Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween to All

For those who wont see her tomorrow.
I got the cd from Jenny today. I think
they are sooooooo cute!!! Will have lots
to print off soon. These were are family
ones and then she will get her 9mo ones
next week. Speaking of which she is 9 mo
today. So Happy Birthday Shugs. She is
17 1/2 pounds today. She had a wic appt.
She looks like a bruiser right now.
We are looking forward to taking her to
the mall and downtown tomorrow and to
some friends and family.
I sorta checked out on my computer this week.
I sure have alot of emails to delete and respond
too. I hope everyone has a safe and happy
day tomorrow.


  1. She is so sweet and smart.....Says kitty,baby,walks all over,and she just melts your heart.....Love you Londyn....Good job Pam....Aunt Penny

  2. The first picture is one of my favorites, i love it when she makes that face, only because its so cute!! haha.

    Love you babygirl.


We do not remember days we remember moments!