Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Weekend

Seriously I felt like the Roseanne's this weekend. Total
chaos. We were all at each others throats. We had family
portraits Saturday night. We all knew about it two weeks
prior but do you think any of us were prepared. Nope!!
Jordan and I were out on Saturday looking for something
to wear. Had gone to the drycleaners to pick up clothes and
ended up not wearing them. When we finally got down there
we ended up having a good time. I hope they turn out good.
Free is a good price as I won the package from Classy Capture.
Thanks Jenny. We will be seeing her in a couple weeks for
Londyn's 9 month photo's. She called her a maracle baby.
She is walking and says baby and kitty already. She is so smart.
We also got her pictures in her Halloween costume taken.
She grabbed a towel and pretended to help me clean the kitchen
Kinda feeling a little into fall finally. Jordan and I were out
and about and went to a produce stand and they were
giving pumpkins away. So we got some for us and Penny
of course. I just need to fix my porch up hopefully before
the season is over.

She has such beautiful eyes.

Couldnt help sneaking a couple pics in of
Londyn. Have a great week. Off to finish
Sunday chores.

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