Monday, October 12, 2009

Memories Made

It doesnt matter how I try to put these in order they just
dont turn out that way. We couldnt of asked for better weather
while we were gone. It was dry and the sun was out. Cold early
mornings and late evenings but mostly you didnt need a coat.
Tent after tent in Sisters at the Harvest Fair. We all managed to
buy some treasures.

Jeff was kind enough to take pictures of the girls of course.

My sisters Pat and Penny. Thanks so much for driving the
whole time Pat.

These are memories that I will treasure forever. We talked
and laughed and ate the whole time. Mostly just caught up
on each others lives.
This was looking out our window at the River House.

And this is what I came home to. The plumber came and
fixed our upstairs shower but had to go through the dining
room ceiling to get to it. Cracked pvc pipe. I just gasped
when I saw this whole in the ceiling. The bummer thing
is we cant match the ceiling now so the whole thing will
have to be painted. On a good note my newphew Ryan came
and trimmed the front bushes and made them look really nice.
Now if I could just get my front porch decorated for fall. Always
running behind. Anyways had a great time and feel very blessed
to have such a wonderful family. I didnt get any pictures of my
other sister Teresa she drove over to Bend for the day Saturday
with her grandson. We all had a wonderful dinner. Thanks for looking.
Have a great week.

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