Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thanks Brittany/Room Reveal


Last Monday for my birthday Brittany came and helped

me take Noah's old room and turn into a scraproom. I had been

putting it off as it just seemed like way to much work for me.

It was nice to have her help. She has a knack for decorating.

Still not done with either room as I had a cold last week and

spent the weekend at the Seafood and Wine Festival with two

of my sisters. Had a wonderful time.

This picture does not do justice to this wonderful gift from Brittany.

I had been keeping my eye on it for sometime at her store.. Love it.


Last Layout that I have done. Sorry pics
are out of order but you get the idea.. Enjoy your evening..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ceasar's 2nd year photo's of Londyn

Something to consider when having a party at Papa's Pizza!
Germs Germs Germs~ this girl never gets sick but after this
party and playing in these she got a cold and is still just getting
over it almost three weeks later. Wonder how long it has been
since they cleaned these balls?

Look at all these presents, she didnt even know where to start.

Just a few of my favorites.

My mama, sister Teresa, brother Jim and of course Penny!
Um you cant tell we are related can you?
Oops sorry Tere didnt realize your eyes were almost closed.
Mama really wanted to come to Londyn's birthday... So glad
she made it. She is tired but doing okay.. So funny my dad is
bald and took his hat off and told Londyn that grandma great
pulled his hair out and days later she told someone that grandma
pulled all of grandpa's hair out. Funny how things stick with a
little one.

Two things~ Brittany came over last night and helped me transform
a spareroom into a scraproom. I am so excited. I didnt want her to leave.
Very exhausting and sore today. Pictures to follow..
Also during all that was Doug's 45th birthday which he says he doesn't
have one since he married a twin. It is twins month all of Feb.. So
Happy Birthday to you! Baby is awake have a great evening.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Have you heard?

It's our Birthdays!!!! I will let you count the pictures to see
how old we are~ It was quite a stretch to come up with enough!

Seriously after all this work I am one short. I am not going
to mess this up now. Sorry Penny one short. I tried it has only
taken half an hour.

Giggles, secrets
Sometimes tears,
Sisters and Friends
Throughout the years!
I love you Penny I hope your day is Great.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We do not remember days we remember moments!