Sunday, February 13, 2011

Laptop cooperating/ Layout

Katie when I saw this it totally called out your name to me~
I love the colors and the picture doesnt really show it that well.
It is from 1974 and signed on the back.
When I helped out last weekend at the Vintage I was
able to bring my window pane home. I had an idea of using
it for a headboard. Doesnt that sound cute..
I picked this shelf up one day at Goodwill when Penny and I
went and she looked at me funny. It wasnt until I hung it that she
said oh now I see it is cute. The believe sign is just sitting on it.

Liked this one so well I posted it twice, no just kidding but will
just leave it as I dont want to push my laptop..

It is cute though huh?

Birdhouse lamp in Brittany's donate pile. It is one of my favorite
things. I can swap the shades durning different seasons. Thanks so
much. I was afraid when you were here yesterday you were going to
take it back.... Had a interesting weekend. Not alot of relaxing, a flat
tire on Hwy 20 with Jordan and Londyn, a great visit with my parents
yesterday, two craft things made yesterday. A wonderful sale today at
my parents. Penny and I met Barbara over at my parents and opened the
gate and had fun walking the yard and her buying cement ornaments.
It was a good feeling and I know my parents were truly blessed...
Mom drove herself to Jefferson after to see my sister Pat and I worry
infact I think I will go call and make sure she gets home... Enjoy the day.
Tonight dinner with Rebecca and a visit before she heads back to Israel
P.s. For my journal today when I got ready to go to moms Londyn said dont
go to work Gammy and I said I will be back soon and she said you always
leave me gammy. So cute!!!!!!!


  1. The birdhouse lamp looked so cute in your kitchen but don't worry. I won't steal it back. Your house is so cute and I can't wait to whip your scrap room into shape. You are going to love having a room you can go to to scrap and having all of your stuff together and displayed in all of those cute containers you have been collecting. Happy V-day to you! B

  2. you are so very talented ... there is such a difference in cleaning house and homemaking.. you my friend are a homemaker... adorable. lets go thrifting/antiquing soon...very soon.. while i have tax $ soon..wink


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