Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another layout/Another Birthday/ Another Baby on the way

So last night Londyn and I sat at the table and scrapped. Well
she kept her self very entertained and I managed to get one layout

Got you with the title didnt I? Hope you dont
mind Kate that I am posting this. Every woman
wants her picture posted when in labor. I went and
saw Kate yesterday. This woman inspires me!!!
She cooks, bakes sews, scraps, manages a home with
three kids,two dogs and how many cats? Three? Oh
and dont forget the husband... She was sitting at the sewing
machine when I got there getting ready for a evening of
church events with the kids.. Bag packed for the hospital..
Cant wait to meet you Mina Moon!
Oct 31st. Happy Birthday Wendy!
Thought of you today!

I know I know I have posted this picture so many times but
I love them and I dont have to many pictures of momma and
myself.. Tomorrow Nov 1st she will be 81!! I love you so very
much Momma!You are in my thoughts and prayers so many
times throughout the day.
She wont like this one. Sorry mom. But I do.. This was our girl time
at the coast...
Have a good week..

Pumpkin Patch w/o the patch again

So Thursday Jordan left again until today sometime. She
is trying to get home to do the festivities for Halloween.
I had really wanted to take her to a pumpkin patch but was
hoping the weather would be somewhat nice w/o rain. And
Friday it was so spur of the moment getting off work I called
and said today is the day. I got home from work and she
greeted me at the door saying pumpkin patch with a huge
smile on her face. Off we went. By the time we got there we realized
she hadn't slept well the night before got me up at before 6:00am.
And she hadn't had a nap either. We waited to be picked up to go
do the corn maze for like 20mins. Now at her age we decided she really
didn't care as much as gma did so we decided that we would just
skip it and buy her a pumpkin. You can see she was just fine with it.
Now she is napping and we will go see some family and head to Corvallis
where Benton County Fairgrounds puts on a free fun event. Until later...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Afternoon Tea

Senior customers from Izzy's have been wonderful to Penny
and I through the years.

Wade and his wife invited Penny and I to a fundraiser for the
Brownsville musuem. It was a fun afternoon and the company
and food couldnt of been better. The drive was beautiful and
I wish I would of snapped some of the fall leaves.
Wade has become so dear to us.. He truly is a blessing in our
Life has been so busy I just havent even had time to blog or take
pictures. I get so upset with myself as I started this so that it would
be my daily journal.. My goal is to start doing a better job..
This week has been crazy busy already. The rain has brought massive
leaks to our home AGAIN.. ugh. My dryer quit night before last and I
am one that does not like to pack my laundry so out we went tonight
to buy a dryer. In the process I was so happy to pull my units out and
wash behind them.. Got the dryer hooked up. Started a load in the washer
went downstairs. Decided to run upstairs to check on something only to find
water flooding on to the hall carpet . What the ----! I am thinking this
cant be happening. Did my washer go out? Pulled everything out again
found out when I cleaned the back I must of knocked a hose off of the
washer. That ended with a bottle of wined chilled and opened... Have a
good night..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When one does the other does

So Penny worked last weekend at the Vintage Market and
I took a turn Sunday.. People always ask do you get tired
of being twins and doing everything together. We never do.
In fact it is just a given if one isnt invited we dont usally go.
We both cant imagine not having each other. We are the best
of friends. We are normally on the phone morning, noon and
night along with working together side by side Mon-Friday.
I brought this fun wreath home that Brittany made. Their is
two sizes this is the small or medium there is still one for sale.
I hope you show me how to make these cute wreaths. Oh and
I bought three cans of aresol chalk paint to play with also hoping
Brittany helps me do something with it. (hint hint)..
I think this long window that looks like a door here
would be so cute with blk/white photo's in them.. It
is for sale for $65.00
Thought of my sister in law Starla when I saw this sign..

Always fun to wear something besides my Izzy's
uniform and apron..
I have picked up like 20 extra hours this week at work so
this will probably be my last blog for the week... Thanks
Danuta for having faith that I can pull off all these double
shifts I will do my best to not let you down...
Still getting use to Noah living a way from home. I miss him.
He is only 20 mins away but I miss him.. I know Londyn misses
uncle too. He stopped by after work and she gave him love and patted
his back it was cute.. His room still sits unfinished and still needs
packed up just havent got done with that yet.. Now Jordan is house
hunting. We drove around this evening looking at places so that will
be the next change in our lives. Cant even give that a thought yet.
Maybe she could leave Londyn here (probably not)!!!
Have a great week.. Beautiful weather love Fall..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Pics w/o the pumpkin patch

So Londyn was so excited to go to the pumpkin patch with her
cousin Lacey and Aunt Starla.... this was her waiting for Lacey to
get here. She looks like a little girl now and not a baby. Her momma
had to work so she missed out.

When I got home from work she said gammy gammy
come here and she took me in the kitchen and showed me
her pumpkin she was so excited. She told me it was a pink
pumpkin. She is going to be a cat this year. Her grandma
great bought her a costume this year...
More tests for mama tomorrow keep her in your prayers..
Thanks for all the prayers already.....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A day with Shuggie

1 year birthday party for Reece!!
Had to snap a picture of this dresser love the yellow

Thought this was cute.

After the party we went and said hi to Penny at the Vintage
Market. I have been looking at this white buffet hutch for sometime.
But just wishful thinking.

Dont worry Brit we put everything back.

Liking the blk mirror wonder how much?

This white rocker is going to go in Lonyn's room

Had a great day... Now I am off to enjoy the rest of
what is left of Sunday. Enjoy your week.

We do not remember days we remember moments!