Thursday, July 14, 2016

Harlow Jaine Arrives!

 Meet Miss Harlow Jaine born July 13th 7:39 2016 6lbs 10 ozs 20"L Head 13" chest 121/2! She is our second granddaughter. Our daughter Jordan is doing well. While she labored for almost 24 hrs she was quite the trooper. Harlow's name was my fathers name. He spelled it Harlo. She added a w at the end.  My dads middle name was Jerald so its neat that she kept the H and the J! She didnt progress much and stayed at a 1 for a month. They decided to induce as Jordan battled continued migranes without relief. During the labor process she didnt progess either. We joked that baby Harlow taking after my dad was being stubborn as he was lol. Londyn her big sister will be 7 1/2 on the 30th of this month wanted to be involved. She was a trooper too. Jordan went to the hospital around 7:00 am on the Tuesday the 12th. I took Londyn up around 11:00 we didnt leave until 4:45 am when we decided we should all get some rest. They were trying several things and even discussed C-section. Getting to bed at 5:30 am and receiving a call around 7:30 am that she was at a 7 and we needed to get to hospital 15 to 20 mins away. Pampa, Londyn and I ran as fast as we could. I called my sis Penny Edwards and at that moment she reminded me God had a plan and it was going to be what it was. Such a comfort. I text Jordan and said go for it. We missed it by 15 to 20 mins. She went from a 7 to a 9 with in mins or seconds. Dr Lee who delivered Londyn said you know better. Londyn was born so fast.

 I am so proud of my daughter and my family. God does have a plan for each min and second. It all worked out the way it was suppose too! We are so blessed. We have enjoyed several days and nights with Londyn. She is super excited without a ounce of jealousy, she is going to be a great big sister. It is so surreal to me. Two granddaughters. God is good and I am beyond grateful and blessed.

Harlow has some Jaundice and was suppose to be released today, however her parents opted to have it nipped in the butt today so will stay one more night. That means we get another night with Londyn its a win win for us. Welcome baby Harlow...
                                                   Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!