Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Shugs/ Long Post

I spent the day with Penny yesterday. She picked me up
and we got good coffee's and went to Corvallis where we
went here.
We hadnt been there for awhile. Seemed like we were there
for hours. We talked and talked. Having a twin sister for a
best friend is like no other. We have our own language. We
went to the Goodwill and other places like that. We had a
great day. Thanks so much as I needed some girl time.

This wreath needs some color yet. But will add something

This is probably the most I am going to do this Christmas.
I dont know what it is but for some reason over the summer
during one of my cleaning frenzy's I decided in one of the
garage sales to get rid of all the Christmas stuff. I think I
decided that it was so old and that I would buy new next time.
I hate when I do that cause I always miss something. I dont
think we will have a tree this year. Londyn is so little and would
just get into it all anyways.
This is what my house looks like most of the time. Jordan
works from home and we constantly have boxes of cards
all over. She loves her job and is doing great. What a great
thing, she gets to stay home and not miss out on Londyn.

Thanksgiving was kinda wierd this year. I worked and most
of our families were doing their own thing. I joked that we were
the misfits with no place to go. Doug's sister Norene invited us
over. She put on a feast. I see what Penny meant when she said
she couldn't wait for her dressing. Best of all my sister and brother
were there. Londyn is a grandpa's girl for sure.
Tomorrow Londyn will be 10months old already. Time flies.
Her second tooth is almost ready to cut. She has enriched my
life so very much. She must of missed me yesterday when I got
home she crawled up in my lap and fell right to sleep. No bottle
or nothing. Of course I brought her home another baby doll. She
loves them. She walkes around and kisses them. I love you Shuggy.
Have a great week. Seems like I have became a once a week blogger.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another full weekend

This is her new thing. She likes to make faces. It cracks us
all up. I think you can see her one tooth here.

She is a tad bit spoiled. Grandma hit the 50%off clearances
at Old Navy on Saturday. It goes until Wed just incase any
one wants to get some good deals. It is on all sizes. Like 2 or
3.00 per item.
I put these 12x12 pictures up on my bedroom wall. Londyn
likes to look at them and point all day long.
Thanks Kimmie for my new plug-in for
my bathroom. I love it and it goes so well.
I may not have the house nice and neat all
the time but it smells good.
I found this sign and wreath at our new
thrift store that opened up last Thursday.
Cant wait to display it on the front door
this year. Other than that we had Lonyn's
9mo photo's done again tonight. She has lots
of pictures. I cant wait to get these back. It
was alot of fun. Well not much else to say
except Penny and I have to work Thanksgiving.
Kinda bummed about that but we will just
have to make up for it next weekend. Have a
great holiday week.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Back to the work week

This was the cutest thing. Londyn spent the day with
grandma. We seldom have a Saturday to ourselves. She
helped me clean and we stayed busy. I sat down at the
computer for a minute and looked down to see what she was
doing and she was crashed out.

She crawled into my suitcase I have some magazines in. She
played and played. She loves to get all my stuff all over the
place. I am constantly saying cant grandma have anything..
She seems so much older than she is. Maybe it is because she
started walking in her 8mo. She talks alot. She says scuffy
now for Scruffy, baby, kitty, and she trys to repeat things.
She is keeping us busy trying to climb stairs now. We are
hoping to get her 9mo photos taken real soon as we had to
cancel do to her hitting her head week before last.
I watched this Saturday night with Londyn as we had the
house to ourselves.

The guys went to Eugene and watched the Ducks play and
froze while I was nice and warm in my home.
Kate- was so bummed for you about Travis Outlaw. What
a bummer. He will be out quite awhile.
Hope you all have a great week..

Friday, November 13, 2009

Get Well Wishes

I may have posted this pic already. But this is my brother
Jim. I hope your on the mend soon. You suffered far to long.
I love you and worry about you so much.

Not the greatest pic of us but I just wanted to say I wish
you would feel better soon. I miss you dad. I love you too.

And my mama!! I sure hope you are up and feeling back
to yourself soon. She turned 80 on the first of November.
I just hate seeing you both down and out. See you soon.

Here is is almost 1:00am and just getting time to go through
my blogs and emails. Ugh what I wouldnt do for a great long
sleep. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love my uncle Noah

What can I say about my uncle Noah but
I love him so very much. He plays with me
all the time. I could see that he is going to
take me to the park when I get old enough
and out for icecream and all the fun stuff.
I love these pictures of these two. People always
ask why I dont have Noah on here as much as
everyone else and my answer to that is I just
dont get that many pictures of him. But I love him
just as much as everyone else. I am very proud of him.
He is kind, caring and giving. He will do anything asked
of him. I love you son. I couldnt of asked for a better son.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday Jordan

You are so beautiful to me!!! I am so proud to
be your mama. I can't believe you are 19 already.
Where did the time go. You have grown into such
a wonderful young woman and mother. I hope
you have a wonderful day. I love you.!!!!
I have checked out again this last week. Feeling a
little better and hoping to be back posting again soon.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Day

We ran into Kelsey (Jordan's friend) downtown. It was so
good to see her as we hadn't seen her for sometime. She
came over to Penny's later that evening too with her little
We met up with Jordan's friend Breann
who is having a little girl in Feb.

Of course we had to go see Jenny at Classy
Capture while we were downtown.

Breann's newphew.

My good friend Crystal she is having a boy
in December. So happy for you!!!!!
These are Crystal's two girls Ava and Lilly.

Had to take a picture of the fall leaves changing. I love this time
of year.

And last but not least I cut my first tooth today!!! Yeah that
explains my late nights these days. Hope all had fun. Enjoy
your evening.

We do not remember days we remember moments!