Sunday, August 29, 2010

2nd Camping Trip

I love my son!

Penny's son Mikhail.

Totally roughing it this trip and watching Football on the
tele along with cell phones

This was private property and is actually up for Sale!

Quail eggs

The two tents to the left are Penny's and mine of course.
It is a given that we are going to be close.

Playing horseshoes

I love these girls

She didn't participate much but we are glad she is still with us.

Our coffee was made for us each morning. Thanks Mike
and Norene!

Had a great time this year camping. Hope you have a great week.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I am having troubles with my blog! I hear everyday that
people are reading my blog and trying to leave comments.
So if you will try and leave one that would be great. I am
trying to fix the problem. Could just be stupidity on my end.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I scrapped

So I had my home day today (really needed it)! I did manage
the shower this evening along with the best face mask I have
ever used thanks to my niece Mary! Anyways afterwards I
started to sift through my scrap stuff and thought how it makes
me so very happy to scrap and I just started doing this layout.
I wondered if I would even remember what or how to do it as it
has been so long. Nothing fancy but did it in about 45 mins.
Thought I would share. Okay two posts in one day very impressive
for me. Enjoy the week!!!

Playing House Today

As if two dogs and a cat wasnt enough we added a fish to it!
Took Londyn to Petco to look around at the fish and birds
and came home with him. She named him Fishie!

This came out of an old house. I think Brittany said they tore it
down. Not sure there is a story behind it though and it is real old.
When I said oh I so want this she said well bring some of your stuff
down and consign it so that is what I did and guess what I got it!
I so love this peace. I even love the old smell.
What a great gift for someone. I found these at Goodwill for 99cents.
stick a ribbon and tealight in them and what a cute gift they will make.

I love garage sales of course I have told you that already.
Love fabrics and pillows just wish I could sew!

Duvet cover for a quilt I have just love the colors.
Other than that just playing around arranging things in the
house today. Cant seem to get myself in the shower but maybe
after a few more blogs I will get there. Oh and put roast and
potato's in crock pot for dinner. Yum

Friday, August 20, 2010

Girls night out!

I know I always hear from my family are you taking a picture
of this or that? But I do enjoy sharing my finds and I am the
first person people ask when they need a picture from a family
event or a picture for a gift or what not! This is my new shower
curtain I got from Brittany's shop The Vintage Market! Which
now has made me add some new colors for fall. I love it!

Couldnt resist this old antique perfume bottle a couple weekends
ago when I was with my mom in Newport.

So this was a great night for a drink, dinner and a girls night out!
What better movie to see than Eat Pray and Love! I read the book
a few years ago and could not put it down, and I am not a reader.
So when I heard the movie was coming out and of all people Julia
Roberts was playing I could not wait. We really had a great time.
Daelene met us for a drink before the movie but could not squeeze
time into her busy schedule for the movie. But it was great to share a
drink and a laugh or two. And Brittany even though it has been 4 short
months I feel like we have been friends forever. She is an amazing person
so talented and I am thankful that she was able to sat time out for Penny
and I. She still had not finished the book but loved the movie also. She is
having an open house next Friday night at her shop if anyone wants to
come. More info coming here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More of the 1st camping trip

Mirah is 18! She leaves real soon back to Israel to join the
IDF (Israel military). We will miss her but she will join her
sister Rebecca who is already there serving.
Who knew camping was all about taking girlie pictures.

This is Joelle and she is 16 this weekend. Wild rumors about a
party going on!

Now I have to just get my other camping pictures downloaded
to the computer. All is well this week. Hope you all are enjoying the

We do not remember days we remember moments!