Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am a B!

Gotcha! You were thinking I was a -----! This is

for my last name.. Tell me what you think. It was

fun but messy! Got three of my other letters done for

the word Hope! Enjoy your evening.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My car didn't leave the Driveway!!

My car didn't leave the driveway today and I played~ Not sure I am really happy with this layout, Maybe I am not use to these colors. The jounaling reads" A little birdie told me that we would become friends." I have been told my photo's get lost in the layout because I do to much. But that is okay it is just the way I like to do them.
We spent the day yesterday shopping with Penny and Tony.

Penny and I found these little birds at Michaels for a whopping

$2.00! Who could pass them up.

At an antique store I found these three things for $3.00! I love

good deals. I love old tea towels, pillow cases and such.

This old locker was free! Yes it came from Penny!

I am so excited about this. Guess where it is going? Yes in my

scraproom. Boy will I have enough room to scrap when I get

done putting everything in there.

Saw these moss letters on Dear Lillie's blog and of course

I just have to do them. Brittany and I are going to make them

on Wednesday. I think I will do Hope or Home!

Boy I realized how out of shape I was tonight when I turned the

music station on and danced my heart out in the living room with

Londyn. It reminded me of the scene on Stepmother where the kids

are dancing with Susan Sarandon on the bed with brushes in hand.

It was the best hour I had in awhile. Hope the neighbors couldnt see

me. Wow almost midnight! Enjoy your week.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I did it and it feels good!!!

I scrapped my first layout in my new scraproom and it felt good!
I had to get past the mess and just do it. I will get organized some
day but missed my creativity and peace I get when I scrap. I still need
to journal but think it is done. This is my niece Kim who is 5mo younger.
We may go years, months, weeks, days w/o seeing or talking but we
can always pick up where we left off.
CANCER~ I hate you! I dont say that word hate very often. I dont like it but
I hate hate hate cancer. I just found out a friend of mine has cancer today
along with my mom. It is really hitting close to home. Please remember to
reach out to your family and friends and tell them how much they mean to
you and how much you love them every day..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scatter Brained this weekend.

Tried to do what Brittany did with her light.
Mine is the top hers is the bottom. We used different
cloths so mine didn't look like hers. I actually would
like mine to look more wrinkled like hers. Maybe if I
ask real nice she will come help me fix it. I say I was scatter
brained because I was all over the place this weekend. I worked
at dad's yesterday and sold some stuff to our good customer
Barbara again. Then my good brother Jim and I hauled some
more yard ornaments down to the Vintage Market again.
The store looks so amazing. If you get a chance to go check it
out the arrangement they did is way cool~

So while at dad's yesterday I couldn't help myself by picking up
this rabbit feeder off of the ground in the garage. I brought it home
with weird stares from the family. But I just knew it would be cute
somewhere. I was thinking about spray painting it.

This is what I have to work around when trying to make my bed.
Really! They all have to be right there. I mean I dont really mind but
gee whiz.
Tuesday Jordan and Lacey get their keys to their place. While
I am anxious to have some much needed time to myself. I can't help
feeling a little anxiety from it. I know it will be good for all of us. Jordan
going on 21 really needs some independence. It is hard having two mommy's
under one roof. But I know when bed time comes I will be missing my shugs.
Not to mention my house being tore up for a week or two. But always nice
to clean and go through things while we are doing it.
I still have not scrapped in my new scraproom. I have been very busy
organizing and getting everything in one room. I had it everywhere.
Enjoy your evening. Off to watch the Blazers against the Lakers.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This and That

So when I went to Blackberry Junction on Saturday morning,
I was so excited to see my friends Trish and Melissa~ it was
funny though because we all three had the same thing in our
hands. These little bingo vintage packs. The place is totally
packed and yet we had the same thing. How cool is that!
Worked at the Vintage Market Saturday and brought
this fun cabinet home that I have been anxious for. Bought
new knobs for if and when I put the doors on.
Love this scale!

Really into burlap right now along with fabric funny as I dont
really know how to sew.. But glue guns work just fine!

Can't even remember where I got this frame but finally used it
for an inspiration board in my scraproom.
Aunt Lacey painted her nails today she was so excited.
This picture reminds me of her mom so much.. I feel the emotions
of her getting ready to move next week. ugh mixed emotions.

She loves to get her pictures taken.. She just amazes me with
her personality and her comments. She told me last night "Thanks
for listening to me gammy"!
I dont know about you but I am ready for the rain to be gone. Enjoy
the evening.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Me, Myself and I

So I got this idea from Stephanie at Just Me My soldier and
our 4 chicks. She is on my blog on the sidebar under the
blogs I like to read. I think one reason I am so tuned into her
is she just had twin girls. Any how she talks about how one
of her readers asked why she wasn't in more pictures. And
how one day she would want to look back and have pictures of
herself.. I would copy and paste her link here but for some reason
it will not let me. So if anyone knows why that is I am up for some
Things about me:
I am not computer savvy
I love my blog and blog searching
I am lazy when it comes to learning how to use my cell phone,
camera, computer it is just way easier to get my kids to do it
I love being a grandma to Londyn
I dont like anthing medicated to drink. Ick I have to plug my nose
I love and drink way to much coffee
I dont like water
I am always the first to buy the new country samplers
I dont care much for reading but love to look at pictures
I love to scrap book
I hate to paint
I sleep with five or more blankets on plus socks
I dont sleep enough
I get my feelings hurt very easily and yet tend to stand up for
myself better as I get older
I dont care much for cooking maybe it is because I work at a restaurant
I dont like to exercise
I overbook myself way to much
I don't sit down at home very often
I get stressed out to often
I love to give
I love to decorate my home and porch
I love my friendships with family and friends
I love it when I am called and asked to help out at the Vintage Market
I love a hot bath and am off to do that as we speak.

I love this twin comforter at the shop~ the colors are so bright.
Enjoy your Sunday~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I am Thankful

I am thankful for my friendships which includes
family as well~

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun Things

My parents have started giving things to the kids now.
This vintage bird was one my dad gave me when I was little.
It is an alcohol decanter from the 60's. I love it in my downstairs

Love these bottles they were a birthday gift from Brittany.

Along with these salt and peppers~

Kinda like the look of mix matched chairs with this table.
I found that a yard and a half of fabric of choice makes a good
table cloth.. You can afford to change it often..

I ordered this banner from Susanne. I knew it would be perfect.
She does beautiful work and this will go in the scraproom. Which
let me say I have not scrapped since I moved my stuff upstairs.
But I have picked up extra shifts at work and still trying to organize
my new space. And now Jordan and Londyn are moving out in a couple
of weeks so will have another room to organize. Have so many idea's.
I have mixed feelings on this move. I know it is good for all involved but
know it will be hard for me as I am use to the noise and chaos of our
Wanted to make a personal note for self that Sister Teresa got a puppy
Saturday (5th) and we three sisters were there to meet the little 8wk old
blue heeler. Still waiting to hear his name. But boy was he cute with the
good ole puppy breath. So weird that they all smell the same, have you ever
Almost forgot this bucket of goodies. Cant wait to use it.
Oh and yeah btw have a cold again second time around in two
weeks.. ugh~ Have a great week..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Five Reasons

Came across this while I was blog searching.. I loved each

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspired but uninspired at the same time

I love to look at blogs` I could spend hours and hours.. But
sometimes it makes me frustrated because I would love to have
my house look so good and untouched... And then I get uninspired
because I get overwhelmed with my mind swirling with so many
The last two weeks I have spent time with friends that mean so much
to me. Kate and Susanne being two of them. I am so glad to catch
up with each of you. Brittany who I will see in a few minutes as I am
going to a junk swap at the Vintage Market. Let me know if you are
interested and I will fill you in on the details. It is away to get rid of
something but bring another treasure home..
Seeing a comment from my friend Trish was a nice surprise too. Keeping in
touch with Lisa and Kathie was nice too. Heidi and Beverly having lunch
at Izzy's always brightens my day as well. Enjoy your evening.

We do not remember days we remember moments!