Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This and That

So when I went to Blackberry Junction on Saturday morning,
I was so excited to see my friends Trish and Melissa~ it was
funny though because we all three had the same thing in our
hands. These little bingo vintage packs. The place is totally
packed and yet we had the same thing. How cool is that!
Worked at the Vintage Market Saturday and brought
this fun cabinet home that I have been anxious for. Bought
new knobs for if and when I put the doors on.
Love this scale!

Really into burlap right now along with fabric funny as I dont
really know how to sew.. But glue guns work just fine!

Can't even remember where I got this frame but finally used it
for an inspiration board in my scraproom.
Aunt Lacey painted her nails today she was so excited.
This picture reminds me of her mom so much.. I feel the emotions
of her getting ready to move next week. ugh mixed emotions.

She loves to get her pictures taken.. She just amazes me with
her personality and her comments. She told me last night "Thanks
for listening to me gammy"!
I dont know about you but I am ready for the rain to be gone. Enjoy
the evening.

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  1. Love Londyn so very much. I also love your scale and cabinet. And I love you. Penny


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