Sunday, March 27, 2011

My car didn't leave the Driveway!!

My car didn't leave the driveway today and I played~ Not sure I am really happy with this layout, Maybe I am not use to these colors. The jounaling reads" A little birdie told me that we would become friends." I have been told my photo's get lost in the layout because I do to much. But that is okay it is just the way I like to do them.
We spent the day yesterday shopping with Penny and Tony.

Penny and I found these little birds at Michaels for a whopping

$2.00! Who could pass them up.

At an antique store I found these three things for $3.00! I love

good deals. I love old tea towels, pillow cases and such.

This old locker was free! Yes it came from Penny!

I am so excited about this. Guess where it is going? Yes in my

scraproom. Boy will I have enough room to scrap when I get

done putting everything in there.

Saw these moss letters on Dear Lillie's blog and of course

I just have to do them. Brittany and I are going to make them

on Wednesday. I think I will do Hope or Home!

Boy I realized how out of shape I was tonight when I turned the

music station on and danced my heart out in the living room with

Londyn. It reminded me of the scene on Stepmother where the kids

are dancing with Susan Sarandon on the bed with brushes in hand.

It was the best hour I had in awhile. Hope the neighbors couldnt see

me. Wow almost midnight! Enjoy your week.

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  1. First of all, I love your layout, and not just because I am featured in it! I also love the bird you got at Michael's and what the did you end up with the locker? Did Tony hate it in Penny's house?


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