Monday, March 7, 2011

Fun Things

My parents have started giving things to the kids now.
This vintage bird was one my dad gave me when I was little.
It is an alcohol decanter from the 60's. I love it in my downstairs

Love these bottles they were a birthday gift from Brittany.

Along with these salt and peppers~

Kinda like the look of mix matched chairs with this table.
I found that a yard and a half of fabric of choice makes a good
table cloth.. You can afford to change it often..

I ordered this banner from Susanne. I knew it would be perfect.
She does beautiful work and this will go in the scraproom. Which
let me say I have not scrapped since I moved my stuff upstairs.
But I have picked up extra shifts at work and still trying to organize
my new space. And now Jordan and Londyn are moving out in a couple
of weeks so will have another room to organize. Have so many idea's.
I have mixed feelings on this move. I know it is good for all involved but
know it will be hard for me as I am use to the noise and chaos of our
Wanted to make a personal note for self that Sister Teresa got a puppy
Saturday (5th) and we three sisters were there to meet the little 8wk old
blue heeler. Still waiting to hear his name. But boy was he cute with the
good ole puppy breath. So weird that they all smell the same, have you ever
Almost forgot this bucket of goodies. Cant wait to use it.
Oh and yeah btw have a cold again second time around in two
weeks.. ugh~ Have a great week..

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