Sunday, March 13, 2011

Me, Myself and I

So I got this idea from Stephanie at Just Me My soldier and
our 4 chicks. She is on my blog on the sidebar under the
blogs I like to read. I think one reason I am so tuned into her
is she just had twin girls. Any how she talks about how one
of her readers asked why she wasn't in more pictures. And
how one day she would want to look back and have pictures of
herself.. I would copy and paste her link here but for some reason
it will not let me. So if anyone knows why that is I am up for some
Things about me:
I am not computer savvy
I love my blog and blog searching
I am lazy when it comes to learning how to use my cell phone,
camera, computer it is just way easier to get my kids to do it
I love being a grandma to Londyn
I dont like anthing medicated to drink. Ick I have to plug my nose
I love and drink way to much coffee
I dont like water
I am always the first to buy the new country samplers
I dont care much for reading but love to look at pictures
I love to scrap book
I hate to paint
I sleep with five or more blankets on plus socks
I dont sleep enough
I get my feelings hurt very easily and yet tend to stand up for
myself better as I get older
I dont care much for cooking maybe it is because I work at a restaurant
I dont like to exercise
I overbook myself way to much
I don't sit down at home very often
I get stressed out to often
I love to give
I love to decorate my home and porch
I love my friendships with family and friends
I love it when I am called and asked to help out at the Vintage Market
I love a hot bath and am off to do that as we speak.

I love this twin comforter at the shop~ the colors are so bright.
Enjoy your Sunday~

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  1. it's so nice to get to know you pam! what a cool list. i'm laughing at the plugging nose and five blankets. HEE!


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