Monday, October 31, 2011


 1st year of course!

 2nd year!
Our little sailor girl! More pictures to come, just had to share. She had so much fun. She came over tonight and crashed about twenty minutes ago on the living room floor. The weather held out too!
Enjoy the rest of the evening what is left of it! Blessings Pam

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Pictures!

Most of you already got your fall cards in the mail but for those that didn't or just read my blog I thought I would share! Brittany and Beverly I ran out of envelopes so your not forgotton just late.

I would like to take credit for these pictures but I cant! Jordan took them with her camera phone.
I thought they turned out great. She is so dang adorable. She is so excited about Halloween. She is going to be a sailor girl.. So cute! When Jordan was pregnant I thought the name Saylor Olivia would of been so cute. I cant believe this is her third year of Halloween. Where does the time go. Hope it is dry for them tomorrow. Have lots of birthdays this week. I will be posting some as I have been getting them ready. Dael, Starla, Jordan, Mom, my mother in laws, watch out! Also Brittany's the following week. Had good visit with parents today, a little cleaning, resting, visiting over the weekend. with family. Looking so forward to next Saturday with a tea party that Penny and I were invited to like last year. Our friend Wade bought us tickets and one for mom. She said today she would like to go. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
Enjoy your Sunday evening. Blessings Pam

How About Another Giveaway!

Check out this giveaway on this site:
Glad I found another one. Beautiful things!

The way I understand it is Ruby Jean is giving away a $50.00 gift certificate to Katie's Rose Cottage.
Anyways It is all explained at the link above. Enjoy your Sunday! Blessings Pam

Saturday, October 29, 2011

You will be missed greatly!

 Margaret "Peg" Hoffman passed away Wed night the 26th. At the age of 77!  We will miss your weekly
visits at Izzy's, your friendship, your love! I am richer in my life for having the chance to know them and become family to theirs the last several years. A beautiful day and beautiful service.
God hath not promised skies always blue. Flower-strewn pathways all our lives though: God hath not promised sun without rain, joy without sorrow, peace without pain. But God hath promised strength for the day; rest for the labor,light for the way; Grace for the trials, help from above; unfailing sympathy,
undying love.
                              Peg use to love to read my blog. I think it has been awhile since she had. We were there Thursday and it touched me as she had a picture on her fridge that Londyn drew her two weeks ago at Izzy's. Several pictures we had given her the last several years. We had a great visit two weeks ago, she smiled and talked with Londyn and I sat with them as I always did and had a great visit. Asked how she was and the answer was always Fine!  Such Grace! Blessings Pam

Friday, October 28, 2011

6 weeks of Giveaways!

So excited about this giveaway. 6 weeks of great giveaways!

     Check out the blog to read about these pillows over a $800.00 value.
     So thankful for Friday. Blessings Pam

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Again I found another great giveaway! I hope you enjoy your day. Check out link below.

So many blogs, so little time! Off to work. Blessings. Pam

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Imagine My Surprise!

A couple weeks ago these 6 locker baskets were on Craigslist! I couldn't respond fast enough. They were
asking $4.00 each or all 6 for $18.00 breaking that down to $3.00 each. I missed them by  just a few minutes. The lady emailed me to tell me that she was sorry but they were spoken for. So I put it out of mind. About a week later I get an email that the lady never followed through and she asked if I was still interested. She was cleaning her garage and just wanted them OUT! Um hello of course I did. She also apologized for bothering me on a Sunday. Um no problem I said. So today I am a proud owner of these fab 6! Several months ago Penny and I were given 11 of them which we shared a couple with Brittany.. Now I am back up to 11! I love them and think I would like to get liners made(hello Brittany) and use them in my laundry room. Had to share. Again I will say Good evening to you! Sleep well. Stay warm.. Blessings Pam

Great Giveaway!

Check out this site:
for a wonderful book giveaway!

Would love to win it! Enjoy your evening. Blessings Pam

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Turning the light off and going to bed!

Enjoy your night of rest. I hope to soon! Saying a prayer tonight for my friend Peg, she is one of my senior ladies. Her husband and her adopted Penny and I into their family several years ago. Treated us with kindness and love. She has handled her cancer with the up most dignity. Never complained and always has a smile on her face. Her husband called work today to tell us the family was by her side as she took a turn for the worse.. I pray for peace and comfort for her.. Blessings Pam

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Fun!

 This is here telling Uncles that she is going to be 3 on her birthday!

I was the picture taker, cleaner upper, and was the one that baked and ate the pumpkin seeds. We had a great time! I also made these:

I made 35 Fall cards. Jordan took two really nice pictures of Londyn so I made copies and put them in cards to mail out tomorrow! I also had a lesson and brought home this:

I went and spent several hours practicing on Saturday. Excited but a little overwhelmed wondering if I can learn to sew! Very productive weekend don't ya think? Spent the evening watching American Pickers, I am in Love! Off to bed! Sleep tight. Blessings Pam

Giveaway! (Pick me Please)!

You must go here and read up on this wonderful giveaway! I would love to win this book!

                                         Enjoy your Sunday! Will post later. Blessings Pam

Friday, October 21, 2011

No more Mouse!

Thank goodness!
The story of the mouse: Last weekend at midnight Doug woke me up saying do you hear that? He said it sounded like a baby crying. I awoke and didn't hear anything. He opened our bedroom door as  our indoor cat that never goes outside was sitting there with a mouse, which could only mean one thing it was caught in the house. GROSS! When he opened the door she came in and dropped it! It was alive and was in our room until 2:30 am when she finally killed it and ate it. GROSS! The next day Brittany came over and I was sitting in the living room with her and one came out from the heater vent. Oh my Oh my Oh my! Were invaded I thought. I think the Wal-Mart construction and the rain brought them in. So we put poison and traps out. Caught one that day I think it was the one in the kitchen and the one the cat ate has been all.

But these are sure cute pictures of Londyn checking for our hairy friends. I really hope those two were it.
We almost went out and got another cat.. Glad it is the weekend. Off to color pumpkins. Enjoy your weekend. Blessings. Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!