Sunday, October 16, 2011

I love surprises!

Remember these?

They have been in several of my posts. I bought them late last spring off of craigslist. I knew they would
be so cute redone. So I bought the pair! I gave one to Brittany asking her if I gave her one if she would redo mine. She kept the top one and I kept the bottom one. I also bought the linen for it. Well she has been so busy and I waited very patiently! She kept telling me I have to get to your chair. No worries I kept saying but I was surprised yesterday morning with a knock at my door! I think I quivered with excitement.
Check it out!

I played with it all day! She made the cute pillow to sit in it too! I am in Love! Again how talented is she?
I was going to put it in my bedroom. But for now I will admire from the living room! I have had a very busy weekend. With lots of pictures to share. A story of a mouse(story and pictures for a later post).
A Duck party with pictures of Penny's house(Amazing), and a little girl that loves to help around the house. Off to do some housework and paperwork only to start the work week again tomorrow. Enjoy your
Sunday! Blessings. Pam

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