Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Londyn!

Yesterday was her party but today is her real
birthday. So Happy Birthday Londyn. I must write
down before I forget what she did to me today. In the
mornings she tells her mommy to stay in bed and then
she runs in and says get up gammy! Get up!!!!!!!!!!!!
She will say go downstairs, this morning she wanted
her balloons and new vacumn that were down there.
I said just a min I have to go potty so I went in and
went and she said with her hands up "I am so proud
of you"! It was so cute..
Her party yesterday was quite amazing really.
Just shy of 40 people. It really says how much she is loved.
I said at one time this is kinda embarassing when she started
opening all the gifts. She got two of some... Crazy..
She also had Ceasar which was a huge blessing snapping pics
all afternoon. We went to Papa's Pizza and as they played in the
playroom and he was snapping pics it was like she was a little
So lets see at 2 you are doing so much. We are still working on
the potty training, you have the personality that when you are ready
and sat your mind to it, it wont take long at all. You have one of the
hugest vocabulary's I have heard for your age. You are really into
drawing and coloring. You love to count. You will count to 18!
Yesterday I heard you counting 43 48.. YOu love Mickey Mouse!
You also like Dora but Mickey Mouse is taking the lead right now.
I love you so very much. You are my saving Grace!!!!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's A Party

One of my favorites!!!!!

Do you want to party with me?

Love this one too! Tomorrow is Londyn's
birthday. But today is her party. She woke
up saying party hats and birthday cake...
I think when it is done this afternoon I will just
sneak away somewhere quiet and rest.. We are
excited to have another photographer at the party.
His name is Ceasar and he works with all of us at
Izzy's now. I think there is like 5 family members
working together. Anyways he is loving taking pics
and said he would love to shoot some of Londyn. So
excited to see how they turn out. This girl has more
pictures then my kids ever did. But thats what being
grandma is all about the spoiling.... Enjoy your weekend!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time Flies

I took this off a blog........
I try to keep this blog positive really I do...but
does anyone ever feel like i do?
I want to be better and use my new word for
the year "Embrace" I feel like I have not done
a very good job, everything seems in disaray(sp)
lately. Nothing has a place in my house like it use
too. What happen to me. I use to be so clean and
organized. I use to be more patient, calm and at peace.
I feel like everything is falling apart. Lack of sleep
maybe, I use to take more time to savor each moment
with Londyn, I use to be a better pet owner, I use to
keep my car cleaner, I use to be more responsible with
my time, I use to keep my laundry caught up, I use to
be a better mother, daughter, friend, I use to make time
for me, I use to find time to do the things I enjoy now it
all seems to be a mess. Just ranting. Time flies. Enjoy your
evening. I feel better...
The good news in all of this is Jordan found her 100.00 she
lost. Whew Hooo!!!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Layouts and an Engagement

These all got out of order and is slow as my laptop is I am
not going to even attempt to fix it. Anyhow Rebecca in the
middle (black sweater) our goddaughter flew in from Israel
on Saturday with her fiance. It had been two years since she
has been to the states. We couldn't of been more thrilled.

Amazing couple more pics to come but wanting to surprise
them so dont want to share all. But the turnout was amazing
Sunday with 40 plus people. Robert will be here a short week
and Rebecca three weeks. Even his father flew in for a day and
was there to meet all.

Yes wouldnt be a post w/o pic of the twins.

Londyn got a hold of this layout which explains the wrinkle.

Penny's son on left and mine on the right. Cousins all are so
close. The three of them were all in Israel together. We were
in Hawaii for the birth of Ehrinn(Rebecca)in 1987. She will be
24 in August. She is serving in the IDF military in Israel.
Last weekend when I went to the coast I took one bag of scrap
stuff so this is what I had to work with. It is hard not having everything
at hand but I like the way it turned out. Jordan is home after a week
away on buisness. Learning alot. I am proud. Dont know all the details
but they had an interview with a football player from the Philidelphia
Eagles. Glad she is home as Gammy needs a break.. And her own bed..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

You will be missed Sierra!!!!

Those we love will remain with us....
In the whisper of the wind
In a soft rain that falls from Heaven
In each sunrise
In every single star that lights the night sky and
In every single memory we hold within our hearts.
Sierra will be missed from all of us. We all felt like she was
a part of all of our families. We were blessed to have her
in our lives for 14 years. Penny and family my heart is heavy
for you today. I cant think of the words to comfort you but
know I love you all and am here for you.
Rest in Peace Sierra!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A layout, a dinner, and a Shuggie

She is just a doll what more can I say....

Last Sunday evening one of our senior couples Ed and Peg
took Penny and I to dinner at the Pointe in Sweet Home.
We had snow and black ice but overall it was a great dinner.
One of three layouts I am working on right now..

My new great find. When I bought this is had taper candles
on it but I found these glass votive cups at Goodwill that i thought
looked nice on it. Other than that not much going on. Got away for
the weekend to the coast. Nothing but rain, rain and more rain.
They were preparing for floods with sandbags all along Nye Beach.
On the way home there was people in their yards with boats and
boots wading through their front yards. I hope it gets better real soon.
Have a great week.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love my kids

These two love the camera.. Yesterday we saw
Jenny at Classy Capture and had Londyn's 2yr
photo's done. She will turn 2 on the 30th. Time
flies. We already have viewed the pictures and I
love them all. Cant wait to develop them.. If you ask
Londyn what she wants for her birthday she will tell
you birthday cake and party hats..

Okay Noah I hope you dont mind I took off Facebook. Think
their might of been some drinks involved in this one. I love
how close the cousins have grown up to be. Lacey just turned
22 this month and Mikhail will follow in April and Noah in May.
Did I mention how time flies.
I haven't blogged much lately mostly due to my laptop going on
the fritz. My camera card fits in that computer. I dont have a card
reader for my desktop.. I hope I dont mess this one up as I seem to
mess any computer up I touch. I think I overload with to many blogs
or something.
Otherwise not much to blog boring week, been unproductive I do have
one more layout to add to my collection and hope to do some more this
weekend. Have a great night. It is almost 11:00 so most are probably

Thursday, January 6, 2011

reflections/my blog my diary

At the first of the year I have been reviewing my blog from the
start. I realize how thankful I am to have started it. The memories
and the pictures are priceless to me..
I hesitated to share the details of moms cancer only because It wasn't
mine to share but now I realize that for me it is a diary for me to
remember and to look back on. Also I have asked for prayer and
positive thoughts for her and feel that I should atleast go into a little
more detail. So with that said:
My mom got the news on Oct 7th that she had lung cancer. She has
fourth stage metastic lung cancer which means it has traveled from
one lung to another through the bloodsteam. It has traveled through
the entire body and any microscopic blood cells could drop out in the body
and it might not show on the pet scan. However it did show a large tumor
in the right and two in the left.. She had her first consult on her 81st birthday
which was Nov 1st. She started her radiation soon after and finished soon after
close to Thanksgiving. On Monday she had x-rays that showed the tumor
had shrunk 75%. Which was great news. I wanted to express my thanks for
the cards that were sent and the gifts to her. Also the prayers. I know in my
heart prayer works. Please continue to pray for her.
As I sat the other night writing a few thank you letters and cards and put in
the mail I could'nt help but be reminded that was one of the things my mom
taught me. With email and text that has been a forgotton thing. I treasure
that. Also I feel I could'nt be the person I am today w/o the mother I had.
She taught me so much: How to be kind, giving, loving, a good mom and
grandmother, sister etc. Thanks mom I love you so very much.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two Layouts

Had the day off and accomplished these two layouts..

Ignore the wild hair. Gammy got back in her pj's and we just
lounged around. Londyn loves to scrapbook. Not even two and
she says scrapbook gammy!!
Had to share this Christmas morning shot. Thinking we need
to go find some snow soon to play in... Enjoy your evening.

Creative inspirations

I have bought several of these and have not done them
yet. I found these on two peas and saved them for some
Someday I will have a scraproom besides my dining room so
I am just collecting and dreaming. This one caught my eye one
day. Love the colors. I am thinking today is a great day for
scrapbooking. It is extremely cold outside and my work is so
slow after Christmas that they called me off. So great day to
Scrap. Enjoy the Day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011! Happy New Year!

Last night at Josh and Daelene's. Very rare is it to catch a
picture w/o the two of us!
I have been thinking the last couple of days what my word
is for 2011! And it came to me as clear as day when I woke up
at 6:00am I heard embrace. So that is it.
to encircle, to cling too, cherish or love, to accept, to submit to,
to welcome change,. I am happy with my word I hope to embrace
the new year the best way I can..
I will turn 39 in 2011! I will have a daughter who turns 21!
My grandaughter will turn 2. Big year for Jordan and two well
that is worth mentioning too! I want to be more healthy and happier.
I hope not to be so stressed. I want to spend more time with friends
and family. I hope to challenge myself with new things scrapbook
related. I want to learn how to use my camera and get better set up
with printing pictures. I have spent today looking back at my blog
and realizing how thankful I am that I have this daily journal, so with
that said I hope to blog more. Again Happy New Year!!!!!!!
We do not remember days we remember moments!