Thursday, January 6, 2011

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At the first of the year I have been reviewing my blog from the
start. I realize how thankful I am to have started it. The memories
and the pictures are priceless to me..
I hesitated to share the details of moms cancer only because It wasn't
mine to share but now I realize that for me it is a diary for me to
remember and to look back on. Also I have asked for prayer and
positive thoughts for her and feel that I should atleast go into a little
more detail. So with that said:
My mom got the news on Oct 7th that she had lung cancer. She has
fourth stage metastic lung cancer which means it has traveled from
one lung to another through the bloodsteam. It has traveled through
the entire body and any microscopic blood cells could drop out in the body
and it might not show on the pet scan. However it did show a large tumor
in the right and two in the left.. She had her first consult on her 81st birthday
which was Nov 1st. She started her radiation soon after and finished soon after
close to Thanksgiving. On Monday she had x-rays that showed the tumor
had shrunk 75%. Which was great news. I wanted to express my thanks for
the cards that were sent and the gifts to her. Also the prayers. I know in my
heart prayer works. Please continue to pray for her.
As I sat the other night writing a few thank you letters and cards and put in
the mail I could'nt help but be reminded that was one of the things my mom
taught me. With email and text that has been a forgotton thing. I treasure
that. Also I feel I could'nt be the person I am today w/o the mother I had.
She taught me so much: How to be kind, giving, loving, a good mom and
grandmother, sister etc. Thanks mom I love you so very much.

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  1. Oh pam, you are such a special person. I am so thankful to have met you. That is definitely the greatest blessing to have come from the VM. Thank you so much for sharing your life with me through your blog. I will keep your mama in my prayers. She is lucky to have you.


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