Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time Flies

I took this off a blog........
I try to keep this blog positive really I do...but
does anyone ever feel like i do?
I want to be better and use my new word for
the year "Embrace" I feel like I have not done
a very good job, everything seems in disaray(sp)
lately. Nothing has a place in my house like it use
too. What happen to me. I use to be so clean and
organized. I use to be more patient, calm and at peace.
I feel like everything is falling apart. Lack of sleep
maybe, I use to take more time to savor each moment
with Londyn, I use to be a better pet owner, I use to
keep my car cleaner, I use to be more responsible with
my time, I use to keep my laundry caught up, I use to
be a better mother, daughter, friend, I use to make time
for me, I use to find time to do the things I enjoy now it
all seems to be a mess. Just ranting. Time flies. Enjoy your
evening. I feel better...
The good news in all of this is Jordan found her 100.00 she
lost. Whew Hooo!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. you do soooo much for everyone around you pam ... no one can do it all... find your balance ... and let some of it go... i've been there.. and one day... i will be an old lady sitting in an empty quiet perfectly kept house... and then time won't be flying and i will wish it would.. you know? love you friend


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