Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's A Party

One of my favorites!!!!!

Do you want to party with me?

Love this one too! Tomorrow is Londyn's
birthday. But today is her party. She woke
up saying party hats and birthday cake...
I think when it is done this afternoon I will just
sneak away somewhere quiet and rest.. We are
excited to have another photographer at the party.
His name is Ceasar and he works with all of us at
Izzy's now. I think there is like 5 family members
working together. Anyways he is loving taking pics
and said he would love to shoot some of Londyn. So
excited to see how they turn out. This girl has more
pictures then my kids ever did. But thats what being
grandma is all about the spoiling.... Enjoy your weekend!!

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