Saturday, January 22, 2011

You will be missed Sierra!!!!

Those we love will remain with us....
In the whisper of the wind
In a soft rain that falls from Heaven
In each sunrise
In every single star that lights the night sky and
In every single memory we hold within our hearts.
Sierra will be missed from all of us. We all felt like she was
a part of all of our families. We were blessed to have her
in our lives for 14 years. Penny and family my heart is heavy
for you today. I cant think of the words to comfort you but
know I love you all and am here for you.
Rest in Peace Sierra!!


  1. Oh Pam! This breaks my heart and makes me cry. Right now our golden is at Dr. Braat's vet hospital. He's been sick since the 11th and he took off on the 16th. The boys and I plus some of their friends had looked ALL over for him for 3 days. I had finally given up. Then last Thursday, he showed back up even sicker. My oldest took him to the vet and he's still there. Doing much much better, but I thought he was gone. How I cried and how I cry now for Penny's loss. Dogs become such a big part of our family. They give unconditional love 24/7. I can't imagine my life without one. Please give her a hug for me. Take care~ :(

  2. Melissa- Thanks so much for the nice comments. Penny thanks you too. Sierra was such a part of all our families. She was always taken to the camp outs, get togethers. It truly is a day of mourning. I hope yours gets better. Keep us informed please...


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