Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011! Happy New Year!

Last night at Josh and Daelene's. Very rare is it to catch a
picture w/o the two of us!
I have been thinking the last couple of days what my word
is for 2011! And it came to me as clear as day when I woke up
at 6:00am I heard embrace. So that is it.
to encircle, to cling too, cherish or love, to accept, to submit to,
to welcome change,. I am happy with my word I hope to embrace
the new year the best way I can..
I will turn 39 in 2011! I will have a daughter who turns 21!
My grandaughter will turn 2. Big year for Jordan and two well
that is worth mentioning too! I want to be more healthy and happier.
I hope not to be so stressed. I want to spend more time with friends
and family. I hope to challenge myself with new things scrapbook
related. I want to learn how to use my camera and get better set up
with printing pictures. I have spent today looking back at my blog
and realizing how thankful I am that I have this daily journal, so with
that said I hope to blog more. Again Happy New Year!!!!!!!

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