Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Londyn!

Yesterday was her party but today is her real
birthday. So Happy Birthday Londyn. I must write
down before I forget what she did to me today. In the
mornings she tells her mommy to stay in bed and then
she runs in and says get up gammy! Get up!!!!!!!!!!!!
She will say go downstairs, this morning she wanted
her balloons and new vacumn that were down there.
I said just a min I have to go potty so I went in and
went and she said with her hands up "I am so proud
of you"! It was so cute..
Her party yesterday was quite amazing really.
Just shy of 40 people. It really says how much she is loved.
I said at one time this is kinda embarassing when she started
opening all the gifts. She got two of some... Crazy..
She also had Ceasar which was a huge blessing snapping pics
all afternoon. We went to Papa's Pizza and as they played in the
playroom and he was snapping pics it was like she was a little
So lets see at 2 you are doing so much. We are still working on
the potty training, you have the personality that when you are ready
and sat your mind to it, it wont take long at all. You have one of the
hugest vocabulary's I have heard for your age. You are really into
drawing and coloring. You love to count. You will count to 18!
Yesterday I heard you counting 43 48.. YOu love Mickey Mouse!
You also like Dora but Mickey Mouse is taking the lead right now.
I love you so very much. You are my saving Grace!!!!!!

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