Monday, January 17, 2011

A layout, a dinner, and a Shuggie

She is just a doll what more can I say....

Last Sunday evening one of our senior couples Ed and Peg
took Penny and I to dinner at the Pointe in Sweet Home.
We had snow and black ice but overall it was a great dinner.
One of three layouts I am working on right now..

My new great find. When I bought this is had taper candles
on it but I found these glass votive cups at Goodwill that i thought
looked nice on it. Other than that not much going on. Got away for
the weekend to the coast. Nothing but rain, rain and more rain.
They were preparing for floods with sandbags all along Nye Beach.
On the way home there was people in their yards with boats and
boots wading through their front yards. I hope it gets better real soon.
Have a great week.

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