Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh how excited I was when Heidi's mom Bev brought me in
this crow, oh and of course Penny too. Cant do one without the
other. Totally made my day yesterday. Seriously thank you so
much. Yes it went on the front porch with everything else.

So another rant about the Wal-Mart. They gave all the
residents $25.00 Starbuck gift cards for the inconvience
of noise, dust and so on. Guess I should be grateful. I bought
this cup with it..However it still bothers me about the wildlife
that was just dismissed.

This is what is left of the pond we had. You can see in previous posts
what it looked like. I zoomed in on this picture of the ducks that are still
there in the little water that is left. Everyone kept telling me that they
would relocate the wildlife this is proof that they have not. Enough about that.

It has been one of those weeks. Jordan is gone again on buisness.
So we have Londyn which means at night knees in the back or face.
Little sleep but she is such a delight and easy to care for. Just tired and
looking forward to after four days Jordan returning. Love the weather.
A little distracted with a grandchild needing my attention. Have a great
weekend coming up.

Monday, September 27, 2010

More on Vintage Bliss

So on the same day as Sage Patch we went on
to my store the Vintage Market as Katie called it.
I dont know why I didnt take pictures of that stop
but I have in the past. My normal gals were not there.
A new face and she was very nice just seemed different
without Brittany and her mom. Missed you ladies.
Pictures above were from Blackberry Junction. I love the
chandlier. A little to much money for me. But would love
to find a hanging one.

The walk down to The Vintage Roost is so pretty no
matter what the season is. This one was especially one
of my favorite time visiting them. I dont know if it was
the new red paint or music or company maybe all three

Penny wants a scale so bad, I thought of her
when I saw this.

I loved this idea about a shutter box.

I have admired these tall cabinets (out house) for sometime.
They have shelves in them. I of course would put them in
my scraproom with the door open with pretties in them.

Cant wait for Kate to announce her girls name.
It is very cute...
This was the only thing I came home with.
$10.00 what a great deal. Maybe a chalkboard project.
May ask Brittany to go to Home Depot with me as I
know you will read this.. he he

Ignore the dog and pillow on the floor. These chairs came as a pair.
I love the red colors. Love Love good finds. All for now.. Thanks for

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Friend Kate

Sage Patch

Is she not the cutest pregnant lady. Girl on the way in about
6/7 weeks. Adding a girl to the two boys and a girl already.

We planned this about a month ago with the promise not to
cancel. I hadnt seen her in several months. We worked together
at the scrap store. I was nervous as silly as that sounds getting ready
wondering would my perfume make her sick, if I took a coffee would
the smell make her sick, should i have air in the car, should i row the
windows down so on and so on. Silly huh. We got together and picked
up right where we left off. There are few you can do that with. I had
a wonderful day. I have more pics to share of other places we went but
will post later. I hear breakfast calling my name.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I wasnt quite sure if I liked this one or not. I mean I have
great photo's to work with but am trying to use older product.
I love the colors. I found the chipboard letters at JoAnn's this
week for $1.00. They have remodeled and if you havent been
in there you should go check it out. Seems like they are really
adding alot to their scrap department.
I took Jordan and Londyn shopping tonight to the Salem Center
Mall. We had a great time. I was holding Londyn and the lady
working sneezed and Londyn said lightly"Bless you lady" . So
sweet. Sure love her. Thank goodness for TGIF tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feeling Fallish

My mind is swirling with ideas for this dresser, just Londyn's
size. I had it out on my front porch but decided not to let the
rainy weather ruin it. It is old. So thinking of a pale yellow with
glass knobs for Londyn's room.

She loves gammy's phone.

Love the fall colors.

This one cracks me up. While gammy dinked
around this is what kept her busy.

That haircut that I was talking about. Yes she is in need of one.

Hard to think Fall with this beautiful weather. In
the 80's this Saturday. How cool is that.

I am in love with this little girl. She touches my heart every
minute of everyday. I told my mom yesterday that I could just
watch her every move every minute of everyday. She keeps going
around saying haircut. Her bangs are in her eyes all day long. We are
just putting off her first haircut. Mostly trying to find a time when
her momma and I can be together to get pictures. My niece Kim
has asked to give her first cut. Cant wait. Sorta!!! Loving this wonderful

We do not remember days we remember moments!