Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh how excited I was when Heidi's mom Bev brought me in
this crow, oh and of course Penny too. Cant do one without the
other. Totally made my day yesterday. Seriously thank you so
much. Yes it went on the front porch with everything else.

So another rant about the Wal-Mart. They gave all the
residents $25.00 Starbuck gift cards for the inconvience
of noise, dust and so on. Guess I should be grateful. I bought
this cup with it..However it still bothers me about the wildlife
that was just dismissed.

This is what is left of the pond we had. You can see in previous posts
what it looked like. I zoomed in on this picture of the ducks that are still
there in the little water that is left. Everyone kept telling me that they
would relocate the wildlife this is proof that they have not. Enough about that.

It has been one of those weeks. Jordan is gone again on buisness.
So we have Londyn which means at night knees in the back or face.
Little sleep but she is such a delight and easy to care for. Just tired and
looking forward to after four days Jordan returning. Love the weather.
A little distracted with a grandchild needing my attention. Have a great
weekend coming up.

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