Monday, May 31, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

This is the view outside my front door. So our home has had
leaks every since it was built. About 41/2 yrs ago. Most homes
in this neighborhood have issues. Frustrating but you take the
good with the bad. Anyways they are finally getting to it. I have
longed for a day when it rained that I wouldn't have to open the
coolers in the garage to collect the rain. Finally they came about
3wks ago. Took off the siding put plastic up and that has been all.
Dont know when they will return. However the potty house came
last week so I assume they might be here anyday.. It will be nice to
finally have it done. Hopefully before it gets to hot as the front windows
are of no use to us now.. Apparently I must be desperate for a blog as
I am outside taking pics of outhouses. Enjoy your evening.

Friday, May 28, 2010

This and That

Oops posted twice. She loves her pretties as she calls them.

Does'nt look to thrilled?

She loves her purse from Penny!

Mikhail and Noah getting ready to go out. Cant believe they
are both 21 now.

I was annoying him by following him around taking pictures.
I was also giving them lectures on the dues and dont's of going
out. As you can see I am up late wondering how they are doing.
They were meeting up with their cousin Lacey who turned 21 in
Jan, Mikhail in April and Noah Tuesday. Noah is suppose to help
in the yard tomorrow. We shall see how he is feeling! Enjoy the

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Desire

These are more pics from Easter. I desire to
scrap book some of these. She just makes my
heart melt. She is just learning things so fast.
I took her to the store yesterday and ran into
my mama.. She still has not figured out this two
grandma thing. She doesnt quite no what to do when
I say there is grandma. She sure knows that when
we go in the store she yells cookie and we have to go
to the bakery first so she can get her cookie.
Congrats to Juliet who won the baby Idol contest.
It has been fun to follow this contest through.
Guess American Idol has a winner too! I haven't watched
it for a couple of yrs now. Well enjoy your day. Off to work.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Day To Vote

So today is the last day to vote for baby idol. I really am not
taking this is seriously or spending as much time on it as it seems.
Just having some fun. So I realized I hadn't posted Londyn's Easter
photos yet! I can't believe I hadn't done that yet. So I will post
more later. I love all of them. Jenny you are amazing. I cant wait
to come see you again. We are going to do some outside shots next
Thanks for all the votes yesterday and responses on email. Here is the
link one more time.
Well I think it is the last day but it did appear you could vote tomorrow.
Who knows
Do you ever feel like you let your kid down. Well I sure do! Most of the time
I feel like I just ---- on Noah. Yesteray was Noah's 21st Birthday. And of
course it down poured all day. The gift we got him wasn't campatiable
with his i-pod so we have to return it. He got stung by a bee in the jeep
on the way to dinner. He is allergic! What was a bee doing in the car?
I gave him medicine and of course it knocked him out. Guess he will make
up for it with his buddies this weekend. It is a new day and I am thankful
for it!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday My Son

Wait is that a beer in your hand.
You werent 21 yet?
I know you are going to hate
me for this!

I am sorry these are all sorts of sizes that is what I get
when I wait until almost midnight to find some photo's.
And what I realize is I need to take more of you. When
you were little I use to find pictures of you wrinkled up
behind furniture. Yes Noah I found them. Anyways I cant
believe you are 21 already. Where did the time go? I hope
you have a great day. I love you so very much. Looking
forward to a nice dinner out with you. And yes I am bringing
the camera..
Happy Birthday!!!!

Please Vote

While this isnt the picture posted Londyn made it to the top
10 out of over 700 entries. You can vote for the next week.
She is a winner to me but am so excited about this. Here is
the link and you can vote once a day. Thank you!
Again vote for Londyn B...
Baby Idol!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Stuff and a fettish for pillows

I love this store it has become a Saturday day thing to do.
I love the packaging on everything. I like to try something
different each time I go in. I love their cards too! These
Sesame Crepes were really good at $1.99..

So Penny, Jordan and I got up at the crack of dawn and said
rain or shine we would go hit some garage sales. They had
the Lexington Estate garage sales this weekend. We had a
great time. I will spare you the pics of Londyns cute clothes
we found. But I love old things and this caught my eye. I think
it will hold my jewelry.
This cork board frame came from a Vintage shop. But I
think I am going to start making them for gifts. What a fun idea.

So a few weeks ago Doug said why do we have to
have all these pillows. I love them and since he said
that I have brought like five of them home... It was a
great day and I also found curtains for my room and a
brand new curtain rod for the curtains at the next sale.
For under $15.00 for the day it was worth it..
I ran into a friend Jamie. I use to work at her at the scrap
store it was so good to see her. I hadnt seen her since the
shop closed. I also ran into Heidi and her mom and I know
they read this so Hello to you both. So good to see you.
And Shanna my purse lady who reminded me that I have
been very neglectful in my purse fettish..She makes the
cutest bags. Cant wait to catch up with her soon. Well
I need to post recent pics of Londyn soon. She is so amazing.
She went potty in the big toilet today again. I was in line at Michaels
today and I was holding her and a lady behind us sneezed and
Londyn said Bless you. It was the cutest thing. I also said today
"How is my Shugs" and she thought I said how old are you and she
said one and held up her finger. So smart. I love her.. Have a good
night. Off to bed.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Things that make me go Awe!

I think this is a cool idea.. I have considered doing something
like this. But probably wont so I will admire from far..
These people must not have kids with sticky fingers or pets?

I love aprons and these colors. Maybe if I
really start cooking meals every night I could
start collecting these.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miss you Friend

This is a good friend of mine named Wendy. We worked together at
Izzy's until she was smart enough to move on. (he he). Anyways we
stayed connected and she was so excited when I announced I was to
be a grandma. Now I get to share the same for her. Her daugther
Amanda is having a little girl. Wendy is an amazing cook. I hope as
soon as I get her permission I can post a link to her fabulous blog. I was so
excited to see her on mine and run across hers. She has lots of recipes
that are to die for. She has a wonderful family. Miss you!!
I forgot to mention that she gave Jordan's baby shower for her and it
is something I will never forget.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miss My Fam

If only I could go back to laying on the beach and relaxing.
Did I say relaxing? I forgot what that is!!!

My sister my best friend. I love you Pen.

I sure miss all these girls. Life is so busy I think I have
seen them once or twice since we came home in Feb.
Since then my niece Mary has moved to Seattle for a
new job and gotton a year older. Happy Birthday Mary.
Just going over pictures this evening as I think
about the scarp album I want to start and the
pictures I want to develop. That is all for now.
Enjoy the rest of the week and goodnight.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Is this one of the cutest yet? I love my scentsy!!
Is it wrong to have 7 full size warmers and two
plug ins? Penny is still a scentsy rep if anyone
would like to order.. Seems like all I do is empty
and fill my warmers. Life is rough. Went to bed
with windows open and woke up to the smell
of fresh rain...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day gift to self/ Gammy's Big Girl

This little topairy I found at the new Vintage
Market that opened downtown on Friday. I
think I was one of her very first sales. It is
a cute store. I think it is going to go on my
front porch.

Couldn't help myself I loved this old shabby
chic radio. The radio is no longer in it but I
will someday have a scrap room and this will be
in it. My family says where are you going to put
it? As you can see I crammed it in.

The picture really doesnt show it that well but I got a great
deal. She wallpapered the back on inside, and then painted
it. It has really nice knobs on it as well. To much work for
me. Had a good day Saturday. Went to Albany and Corvallis
Saturday markets and more little shops, had lunch, made it
to Costo to print photo's for my moms m-day. Got a gift cert
ificate from my kids for clothes. And then I bought my goodies
at the vintage store. Worked all day Mother's day but it was okay.

Getting into Mommy's work..

Getting Gammy's room spray. She is a very busy girl.
When she puts her mind to something she does it. She broke
herself of the bottle one day. Cold Turkey. And for several
days she says potty and goes to the bathroom. Jordan hadn't
bought her a potty chair yet that was on the list. We take her
in and take the diaper off and she will sit and smile but nothing.
Today she went potty for grandpa and then later in the evening
she did #2 for her mama. Wow what a big girl. Not even 16 months
yet. So proud of her. Her mom entered her into a baby contest,
one of the radio shows and they had over 700 entries. She made it
to the top 50 and now you can vote every day for a week. I dont
know all the details but you can bet I will vote. Jordan's best friend
Kelsey's son made it too. Well off to bed. Enjoy your week.

We do not remember days we remember moments!