Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day gift to self/ Gammy's Big Girl

This little topairy I found at the new Vintage
Market that opened downtown on Friday. I
think I was one of her very first sales. It is
a cute store. I think it is going to go on my
front porch.

Couldn't help myself I loved this old shabby
chic radio. The radio is no longer in it but I
will someday have a scrap room and this will be
in it. My family says where are you going to put
it? As you can see I crammed it in.

The picture really doesnt show it that well but I got a great
deal. She wallpapered the back on inside, and then painted
it. It has really nice knobs on it as well. To much work for
me. Had a good day Saturday. Went to Albany and Corvallis
Saturday markets and more little shops, had lunch, made it
to Costo to print photo's for my moms m-day. Got a gift cert
ificate from my kids for clothes. And then I bought my goodies
at the vintage store. Worked all day Mother's day but it was okay.

Getting into Mommy's work..

Getting Gammy's room spray. She is a very busy girl.
When she puts her mind to something she does it. She broke
herself of the bottle one day. Cold Turkey. And for several
days she says potty and goes to the bathroom. Jordan hadn't
bought her a potty chair yet that was on the list. We take her
in and take the diaper off and she will sit and smile but nothing.
Today she went potty for grandpa and then later in the evening
she did #2 for her mama. Wow what a big girl. Not even 16 months
yet. So proud of her. Her mom entered her into a baby contest,
one of the radio shows and they had over 700 entries. She made it
to the top 50 and now you can vote every day for a week. I dont
know all the details but you can bet I will vote. Jordan's best friend
Kelsey's son made it too. Well off to bed. Enjoy your week.


  1. So cute.. I love it... You always find good things!!! Good to see you yesterday... Have a great week!!!

  2. the radio...SO ME! when are you going to take me shopping?! i don't know how you do it.
    londyn is adorable as always grammie...

  3. mom, its spelt KELSY!! lol

    oh, and if you wanna vote its..


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