Saturday, May 22, 2010

Random Stuff and a fettish for pillows

I love this store it has become a Saturday day thing to do.
I love the packaging on everything. I like to try something
different each time I go in. I love their cards too! These
Sesame Crepes were really good at $1.99..

So Penny, Jordan and I got up at the crack of dawn and said
rain or shine we would go hit some garage sales. They had
the Lexington Estate garage sales this weekend. We had a
great time. I will spare you the pics of Londyns cute clothes
we found. But I love old things and this caught my eye. I think
it will hold my jewelry.
This cork board frame came from a Vintage shop. But I
think I am going to start making them for gifts. What a fun idea.

So a few weeks ago Doug said why do we have to
have all these pillows. I love them and since he said
that I have brought like five of them home... It was a
great day and I also found curtains for my room and a
brand new curtain rod for the curtains at the next sale.
For under $15.00 for the day it was worth it..
I ran into a friend Jamie. I use to work at her at the scrap
store it was so good to see her. I hadnt seen her since the
shop closed. I also ran into Heidi and her mom and I know
they read this so Hello to you both. So good to see you.
And Shanna my purse lady who reminded me that I have
been very neglectful in my purse fettish..She makes the
cutest bags. Cant wait to catch up with her soon. Well
I need to post recent pics of Londyn soon. She is so amazing.
She went potty in the big toilet today again. I was in line at Michaels
today and I was holding her and a lady behind us sneezed and
Londyn said Bless you. It was the cutest thing. I also said today
"How is my Shugs" and she thought I said how old are you and she
said one and held up her finger. So smart. I love her.. Have a good
night. Off to bed.


  1. It was good to see you too... That's great about Londyn!!! Have a great week at work!!

  2. I can't believe that we missed the Lexington Estate sales! DARN! Remember who got you garage saling to start with! BIG GRIN!!!!

  3. OH.... and tj is our favorite. I travel there once every couple of weeks... so good... smashed bananas are so good... frozen pizzas... and three buck chuck!


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