Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miss you Friend

This is a good friend of mine named Wendy. We worked together at
Izzy's until she was smart enough to move on. (he he). Anyways we
stayed connected and she was so excited when I announced I was to
be a grandma. Now I get to share the same for her. Her daugther
Amanda is having a little girl. Wendy is an amazing cook. I hope as
soon as I get her permission I can post a link to her fabulous blog. I was so
excited to see her on mine and run across hers. She has lots of recipes
that are to die for. She has a wonderful family. Miss you!!
I forgot to mention that she gave Jordan's baby shower for her and it
is something I will never forget.


  1. Lots of memories Pam! GRIN. I must say that I started getting misty reading this. Ha! Me misty... NEVVVVA as Carlie would say! (I am the biggest bawl baby)!

    I will never forget you telling me JORDAN was having a baby! I just knew how much you would enjoy having a grandbaby in your life. We both knew that! Now it is fun to see what a little blessing she is to all of you.

    Yes, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Little Bella! I am so excited to see her little cheeks and fingers and nose. Carlie is as well. I am busy trying to plan on Amanda's menu for her baby shower and planning an incredible menu for the coast. I know Pen has the fair that weekend. Would still love it if you ladies can come even just to join us for lunch and meet everyone. You will love them as much as they would love you.

    My blog is a group blog and was actually coming over here to see if you want to be a part of our blog. It is a group of women sharing our lives to show that as women we are so diverse, yet, still have a common bond. Would love you to be a part of it too!

    We need to do lunch... or dinner. I need you to show me how to make the blog fancy too... lol!

    Ha. My comment is as long as your blog...
    Love ya dollface!

  2. ps... wasn't aware I needed to ask people permission to put their blog on my role call... so too late... you are on there... (mine)


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