Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Day To Vote

So today is the last day to vote for baby idol. I really am not
taking this is seriously or spending as much time on it as it seems.
Just having some fun. So I realized I hadn't posted Londyn's Easter
photos yet! I can't believe I hadn't done that yet. So I will post
more later. I love all of them. Jenny you are amazing. I cant wait
to come see you again. We are going to do some outside shots next
Thanks for all the votes yesterday and responses on email. Here is the
link one more time.
Well I think it is the last day but it did appear you could vote tomorrow.
Who knows
Do you ever feel like you let your kid down. Well I sure do! Most of the time
I feel like I just ---- on Noah. Yesteray was Noah's 21st Birthday. And of
course it down poured all day. The gift we got him wasn't campatiable
with his i-pod so we have to return it. He got stung by a bee in the jeep
on the way to dinner. He is allergic! What was a bee doing in the car?
I gave him medicine and of course it knocked him out. Guess he will make
up for it with his buddies this weekend. It is a new day and I am thankful
for it!!!!!

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