Monday, October 28, 2013


Was going to try and make one of these little ghosts but while junkin Saturday I found one for $10.00! I just couldn't pass it up.

 This little scale is missing the top but I don't care I love it and for $3.00 I couldn't pass it up either.
 Look at the detail on this owl. At least I think it is an owl! I love it also.
 Flower frogs have a soft spot in my heart. Don't know why I just started collecting them.
 I spotted this pulley and I really really liked it. It was $8.00 I looked at it and thought how much I could do with it. The little wheel on the right still works. Maybe I will add a scale hanging in my kitchen or a basket. I will share as soon as I decide.

So I purged last week and bought this weekend. Hmn not exactly what I should of done. Well of course that is what I had in mind. Clear for more. lol! Hope you have a wonderful week. I cant wait to share a couple beautiful pictures of my daughter and granddaughter Trick or Treating at our local downtown event. Blessings Pam

Friday, October 25, 2013

Published Christmas Shoot...And A GIVEAWAY For You

 Look for it...such a colorful cover, so it's easy to spot in most major grocery store chains, etc...
 A sweet little spread on her home decorated in a very natural style with lots of white and found elements from nature...
 Just a bit of glitz...
 An easy DIY on making an oversized wreath for practically free...She is doing a giveaway and will choose one person to receive a copy, gifted to you by Beckett Media!In addition to that...she is adding to the giveaway and the winner will also receive one of the ruffled throws that she sells in her shop in the color of your choice!

                                     So please head on over to for all the details. What a wonderful giveaway. A winner will be drawn Oct 31st. Blessings Pam

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Purging this week!

 I love old dishes, old jars, things that don't have a pair to them. I will never use them all. Some are chipped and some are cracked. I find they just need a home, I am the perfect person for that! I said the other day I don't mind putting away the dishes when they look like this.
 I dug this out of the closet the other day. I got it when I was a kid. I saw one on etsy the other day listed as vintage. What! Do I fit in that category? Anyways I love it and thought it was to cute to be hiding in the closet.
The dresser above is on its way to my sisters house. For now it is sitting in the hallway. My husband asked why are you decorating when it has to go! Because that is what I do! I have been purging lately. It feels good! I want to enjoy the things I have and rid myself of the things that don't mean as much. Its fun to see the excitement in others as I sale them something or give them something. Keep it quiet though as I hit the habitat for humanity this morning and my trunk is full!Shhh! Have a wonderful Thursday! Blessings Pam

Monday, October 21, 2013

Change is Good!

 We are having some amazing fall weather. Low 70's! Amazing. I know the rain is going to come and when it does it will last for months. I spent the day yesterday with the windows open and rearranging and cleaning. It felt so good.
 I have been working on the spare bedroom/ Londyn's room when she stays the night. Its coming along little by little. I don't want to make it to girly but couldn't help myself with the little chandelier.
We have been shopping for a new dinette table for sometime. We had a little farmhouse with mix matched chairs and stools which drove my husband nuts. While shopping we would find a table we liked but no chairs to match. We ended up going with this. It has four chairs and a bench for two. So it can sit 6! Now it wasn't my first choice and the color wasn't really what I wanted but I am getting use to it and do like it. It is more modern. Now I have shabby, vintage and modern. It takes up so much room which allowed me to get rid of some stuff and move it around. I am hoping to catch up on my Creative home class online today.. So excited about this class. I hope you enjoy your day! Blessings Pam

Friday, October 18, 2013

Counting My Blessings!

This week I have been counting my blessings. God is Faithful.. I have been having some amazing dreams of my mom this week. I hope I never stop dreaming of my parents. They are so real to me. In all of them I am holding, hugging, kissing her and rubbing her. One day driving to work I was talking to her like I do so many times. I was so close to being in a wreck and it would of been a bad one for me and two other cars. We skidded and left tire tracks on the road. I started crying and thanking God and my mama for watching over me! I have to hold onto one day seeing them again. I am so thankful for my faith, family and friends. Hope you have a wonderful day! Blessings Pam

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ooh La La!

 This was another crusty rusty piece that I salvaged from my parents yard. It was tucked in some dirt and yard debri. I have held on to it for sometime now not sure what it was or what to do with it! A few months back I joined a group on facebook!/groups/yourfunkyjunk/ ! I love this group. They show so many wonderful ideas and its a place you can go ask for help. That is exactly what I did! I got so much feedback on this piece. So for now this is what I ended up doing with it. I may add something yet to the jars not sure!
Any more suggestions is much appreciated. I hope you enjoy your Thursday. Blessings Pam

Sunday, October 13, 2013


 Still making banners. These are super easy and while watching t.v. I find that I can whip them out. They make perfect gifts.
 Fun little area on the fireplace. I am using instagram alot now! It sure is fun. My username is PAMBALLARD if you want to follow along.
 Fun little finds of the day. I was drawn to the white vase above. I love aprons and have started a little collection of them. Owls sure are popular right now. My parents business is called Owl Hoot so you can only imagine my love for them.
Had to share  a little piece of my bedroom with you. I picked up a pair of shabby window panes the other day. One I display above my bed. The other is on my porch. They are missing the glass and someday maybe I will add the glass but for now  I like it just the way it is. My phone has become my camera for now which seems to be handy. It is fun to do the collages as well. I enjoyed yesterday visiting our local antique mall. We are on the hunt for a new kitchen table. No luck yet.! But I cant seem to get something out of my mind I may have to revisit the store. Going to enjoy a Sunday movie at the theatre. Hope you enjoy your day. Blessings Pam

Monday, October 7, 2013

Whats your Story?

What's your story was the perfect title for this picture I thought! So I ask you what is yours. My story as of now is I am getting ready to go to work. I only work 5 to 6 hours a day and wonder how you all do 8, 10, or 12! There is never enough time to get it all done. Most days I pick my granddaughter up after daycare as I get off work earlier than my daughter. We make our daily stops which normally is for a treat, maybe mail something at the post office, which has a  gift store in it. She loves to shop with me. Sometimes we stop off at Petco to see the pets, goodwill (which she calls the toy store)! Most times she talks me into keeping her a few hours. Today I have a feeling she will want to play waitress and take my food order (pretend).
I had a productive weekend, a wrap up of a shabby show I participated in, a produce stand where I bought several pumpkins, and some corn husk, some house cleaning and a good movie! I hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings Pam

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Beautiful Fall Day!

 The window pictured above had been sitting in my office in a corner waiting for something to do with it.  I finally was inspired to pull some rub-ons out and add to it, along with a cute knob and key, Darn I wish it was pictured. It turned out cute I think?
This weekend we have had some beautiful weather. I am so thankful for it. It allowed us to get the yard mowed and porch cleaned. Its amazing how the grass is so green now with the rain we have had. I already have moss, algae, slugs, mushrooms, and so many weeds. We wrapped up my friends fall shabby sale Friday night. Two weekends of it. Wow so much work to put together and tear down. It is alot of fun though and so worth it. The three pillows pictured above came from there. I am loving the color Pink right now even though it should be Orange! Well I am off to do some chores before work tomorrow and enjoy the sunshine. Blessings! Pam

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Where did Sept go?

I really don't know where Sept went. It just flew by me! Normally  by now I have decorated more for fall. I am running behind. I did manage to pick up some fall arrangements at the grocery store the other day. Now I need to get some pumpkins. Although I think most of the stores are moving on to Christmas already. Hope you enjoy your day! Blessings Pam

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Two giveaway posts in one day!

These snowmen are a design by Kentucky Prims, Brenda has  made and sold so many of them. She is generously giving one away on her blog and one on her facebook page. So you should head on over and find out all the details on how to win. I am working on it as we speak. They are so cute. Today's weather is a sure reminder winter is coming. Here is her link. She has some talent for sure. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Blessings Pam

Duluth Trading Co. Giveaway going on!

Is hosting a great giveaway today on their blog. I am off to work but wanted to get this on my blog for you!Please go over and check all the great details on this wonderful giveaway. Enjoy your day! Blessings Pam

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Comfort and Peace!

Faith Hope Grace: The last two days I am praying for comfort and peace! I have been hit with such a loss as of late for my parents. I long for them so so much. I hope to get back to my creative inspiring self soon. I know it is just something that I will have to deal with at certain times. Maybe it is because my moms birthday is coming up Nov 1st or my sisters birthday Oct 4th. I know it will be a hard day for her as well. Maybe it is I am one that carries so much on my shoulders that I just need to lift it up now and pray. I hope you are enjoying your week. The weather is suppose to be nice later in the week. I see the pumpkin patch in my future real soon. Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!