Sunday, October 13, 2013


 Still making banners. These are super easy and while watching t.v. I find that I can whip them out. They make perfect gifts.
 Fun little area on the fireplace. I am using instagram alot now! It sure is fun. My username is PAMBALLARD if you want to follow along.
 Fun little finds of the day. I was drawn to the white vase above. I love aprons and have started a little collection of them. Owls sure are popular right now. My parents business is called Owl Hoot so you can only imagine my love for them.
Had to share  a little piece of my bedroom with you. I picked up a pair of shabby window panes the other day. One I display above my bed. The other is on my porch. They are missing the glass and someday maybe I will add the glass but for now  I like it just the way it is. My phone has become my camera for now which seems to be handy. It is fun to do the collages as well. I enjoyed yesterday visiting our local antique mall. We are on the hunt for a new kitchen table. No luck yet.! But I cant seem to get something out of my mind I may have to revisit the store. Going to enjoy a Sunday movie at the theatre. Hope you enjoy your day. Blessings Pam


  1. Cute banners and I really like the window pane you picked up. I hope you share the kitchen table you end up getting!

  2. Love the banners!! And the architectural pieces in your bedroom are amazing! :)

  3. love every single thing here, pam! have a great sunday!


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