Tuesday, October 24, 2017

F for Fall Pics, Fall shows, and Family!

 Our daughter did some impromptu fall pictures of the grand kids after they carved pumpkins. I love the effort and time she puts into these.. I love how they turned out. Londyn will be 9 in January. Harlow is just about 15 months and Tyson is 10! Oh boy does Harlow Jaine love her brother, she chuckles when you say where is brother...

 Such a cute one. She just gently slapped Sissy's  face out of fun. Love the capture.
 So proud of these 3! October 2017

 My son and girlfriend have been busy with weddings and parties galore! Look at them. Love them both.. Such kind hearts they have. We sure love hosting family get together with them and our daughter and family. After all isn't that what its all about.
 I'm training the youngest Miss Harlow Jaine to have the love I have for junking.. This is her second event with gammy.
 I really enjoyed http://junkbonanza.com/ ! My second trip this last year.. However the crowd and parking gets bigger and bigger. Shoulder to shoulder. Standing in a line for 40 mins with a baby in the high winds and rain was a little stressful. Saw some familiar faces and missed some I had hoped to see due to the crowd and parking...
 Started the weekend receiving some mums I bought from a fundraiser. I went a little crazy. However I love supporting great causes. This one was for the Washington D.C. Trip..
 Who isn't addicted to Rae Dunn? I have to say I am. This mug came from my sis. She didn't even know it was Rae Dunn she just bought me a mug.. I was so giddy...
 A weekend in recap.. Spending time with grand kids, shopping and putting on a feast for 9.. Life is good.. I am truly blessed...Speaking of being blessed look at this sign I won on instagram from https://www.facebook.com/showmeacustomsign/ Thanks so very much.  I love it.. 
Blessings Pam

Friday, October 13, 2017

Rekindled friendships, home decor and Rae Dunn!

 Happy Friday! I have been enjoying on working on two of my gallery walls... I have 16ft-20ft vaulted ceilings. I find it hard to decorate such high ceilings. My sis in law Starla once told me I have a knack for piling it all in. So I will take that advice and do just that. I love my B wall.. It is right when you walk in the front door.
 January we will be in our home three years. It only took me three years to put stuff on my bedroom wall. I kinda like the direction it is going.
 You will probably never find my blog perfect, or my pictures edited as I have no patience. My grammar is in need of help too lol. However my blog is something I really enjoy even though I take long breaks from it. As of late I find I am enjoying it again.
 I have been to some great Harvest shows lately. Love this little lantern I scored last weekend.

 Pumpkins were 50% off so I finally bought one. I have been wanting one for awhile..
 Check out this great drying rack I score also.. I love it.. I have incorporated it in my dining room. I was going to stain it dark to go with my decor but again I have no patience.
 Now onto the rekindled friendship I mentioned... Well my friend Kim and I worked together many years ago, her little sis and I were best friends in grade school and we have remained friends for years. Their family has suffered great loss, like I have and many have... I am super excited to be friends on instagram.. Now Kim and I are hooked on Rae Dunn... She has been buying her sister Patsy, myself and her items and are just as giddy as I am... I get great drop offs on my porch. We message back and fourth about giveaways etc throughout the night... She hits the stores after work and reminds me so much of myself... I am so thankful. I joked that she could drop by anytime. lol. One day my daughter or son will marry and I will have the perfect Bridesmaid cup to offer up...
 I was super excited for this Boss cup as it is so me. Thanks Kim!!

I'm getting quite the collection... I love it all... Keep it coming Kim.... Blessed by you..
                                                                                Blessings Pam

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

First Pumpkin Patch of the Season.

 I just want one of everything. Missed the pics of the warted pumpkins... We went to our first pumpkin patch early October. Planning on a bigger one soon. Gets you in the spirit of the season.
 One of my favorite pics yet of Londyn. She is a ray of light. 8 years going on 18.. She is such a
happy girl.. Always smiling,singing, and dancing.. She is a great big sister. I love being her gammy.

 Harlow lights up my life too. She is so happy and has so many expressions. She is starting to chatter like crazy. Almost 15 months and blows kisses, waves of course, does the cutest little shrug of the shoulders and is getting a mouth full FINALLY of teeth. It took awhile, I knew they would all come in at once.
 This is how you will find her most of the time. With a huge smile...

 I love this picture. It is one of my favorites. I see my sis Penny and myself in her...
 My son Noah and girlfriend Jessica and niece Yuna went to Sunriver the same weekend.. They had a great time. I am actually hoping to rent a house and enjoy some family time this weekend.
We enjoyed a summer vacation with the two of them in August to Hawaii. They just celebrated their two year Anniversary together. Love hosting our family dinners when we can come together all at the same time. Life is busy I will take it when I can get it.. Blessings Pam

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sweet Salvage Harvest Fair!

 This truck is amazing.. Kinda reminds me of my grandpa's. Had a great day yesterday. I found a few
treasures. Mostly I find I have it or have had it. I enjoy these events as they always put me in the spirit of the season.

 I don't think I will ever get tired of linen and burlap..

 I love old doors, mantles and frames. This was a favorite spot of mine..
I have wanted one of these scrolls for sometime and so I finally bought one. She suggested I look
on pinterest for ideas on writing. That is my next step. I am thankful I won tickets to this event along
with a farmhouse pillow and a gift certificate. Oh how I miss blogging. I must get better at keeping up with it. Happy Fall you all. Blessings. Pam

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fun Treasures!

 Well today is 109 outside so great day to update my blog... Oh how I miss you..! Summer has been flying by and we leave in 11 days for Hawaii. I am so ready for a vacation.. I have been so blessed with some great wins on instagram as of late, a few great finds at some sales, and if you know me I love to buy from small businesses. I love this welcome window pictured above that came from the rafters of my dads shop. I bought the decals at Hobby Lobby..
 I found this column last week along with the bird perched on top.. I was paid to water a customers yard and while heading to water I hit this sale.... Spent every penny...
 I have went crazy in my yard this year.. This weekend we will be planting 7 more roses in the back.. I cant wait to see what all comes back next year.
 I love my little rack I bought from Magnolia several months ago. Spending time in my yard with my three dogs and all my flowers and vegetables has been alot of fun this summer. Tonight I cooked using my tomato's and peppers.
 I was so excited when I won a facebook win from https://www.facebook.com/SweetSalvageDesigns/ out of Springfield Oregon. We made a trip down there and pictured below is what I came home with. I won the pillow and a gift certificate plus fall tickets to their Harvest Fair...
 I am in love with this basket and the chalkboard.
 I love this coffee sign I won from https://www.etsy.com/shop/nelshandmadesigns! She has some awesome things if you get a chance, please check her out.
 I haven't spent much time indoors lately to work on home projects. Hoping to start a kitchen redo in the early fall.
 I have become quite the collector of Rae Dunn! I sure was a hot mess heading out Saturday to some early sales..
 I sure love the instagram world and won a pet giveaway. The picture above was one of the items I received. It came from https://www.etsy.com/shop/birchandbarrowco So check her out as well.
Getting ready to go hang out my other score the great candle holder outside here in a few minutes. The tee pee was a great find from a local friend that I follow on facebook. I have wanted one for sometime. It will be used for some photos of the grand kids. I love supporting small businesses. Hope your staying cool and enjoying your summer. Blessings. Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!