Thursday, December 30, 2010

A couple more fam photo's

This is the second four generation photo I have had taken.
This is the oldest daughter my sister Teresa

I like this one.. I really wish Noah could of made
it to the pictures. I have had kinda a cold this week
so have stayed away from the parents and am sure
lonesome for them...
Wishing all a Happy New Year! Be Safe!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Forgot the Camera

Forgot the camera on Christmas Eve when we went to Spring
field so took these off of Jordan's camera.
Enjoyed having Noah home again for a few days over the
holiday.. He just left to go home..

What would I do without my sister and best friend...

Okay notice the double chin I have. uck.. Oh and the stiff drinks
we were drinking yes it is hot tea.

Ladan was having a great time.. We did sing
the twelve days of Christmas which was hillarious.

Two layouts done in the last two days. Now off to work tomorrow
and housework when I get home.. Enjoy your week.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

No order to this post.. Finally some down time to blog a little.
Everyone has gone to bed, the house is a mess, wrapping paper,
bags, stuff all over. Dinner still to put away. But I am enjoying
catching up on my All My Children at the moment and a 12x12
layout just done.. This blown up picture of Londyn in blk/wht
is one of my favorites. I found this beautiful frame at goodwill.

Another window pane for self. Merry Christmas to me. The
family pictures were another gift to me.. So what better way to
display them. One was made for Penny as well for Christmas.

This little girl came in and woke me up this morning saying
Merry Christmas.. I dont know why but it made me cry and
smile all at once.

This little girl made out with clothes this year which is always
nice. And anything with Dora or Mickey Mouse goes over quite
Seperated and ready to go into albums.

Made several of these this year along with magnets of all sorts
for the refrigerator or magnetic boards. Made U of O , Oregon State
Disney along with other fun ones.

Two wonderful pillow cases one of my customers made me.
I love them!!!!

I never really got all my stuff out this year. We didnt even
have a tree. I saw this idea of a picture in a bottle out of the
Christmas Country Sampler. I think it is neat with blk/wht
More pics to come but for now I am tired. And sat here eating a
whole box of wheat thins. And am quite full.
I am thankful, blessed, warm and loved.. Truly the best gift of all.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

When Mom is Away We Play

Mommy left out of town again for work so we have tried to keep
Londyn occupied. We stood in a long line for the Story Book Land.
We were like 843 in line that evening and it was soooo cold. Londyn
could of cared less by the time we got in there. We hurried through.
It was more for Gammy but we didnt tell her that.. We have shopped,
ate and just had a great time. Hopefull mommy will be home in a couple
of days semi rested cause I am tired... Enjoy your evening. As you can see it
is mid morning now..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moments Like These

Got the cd back on Friday and ran to Costco and
printed, printed and printed. I like them in blk/wht.
I wasn't real thrilled with my pictures.. But realized it
isnt about me all the time. So blessed to have gotton
this scheduled and done. Thanks Jenny! See you soon
for Londyn's 2nd Birthday... Enjoy your Sunday!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Little of This and That

When mommy is working and gammy is scrapping this is what
I do.

Yesterday we headed to Eugene for game day.
She was less than thrilled about something. Love
it when she crosses her arms.
Yes another Christmas layout.. I filled another book up today.
I thought to myself I wonder if anyone will appreciate these one
day or if they will go into the trash.
I love this moss on a roll. But what in the heck should i do with
I love it when I get involved in playing in the house cause
Londyn gets involved moving things around too.
One of the things made at craft night. Love chalk boards. Now
if only I would errase once in awhile. But truth be told watch this
sit until spring. The candle i love too. It has the battery operated
lights. Thanks Brittany.
So this table was given to Jordan from my sister Pat for when
she gets a house. It is very old.. It doesnt really serve a purpose
as it is very small. But it frees up some space in my dining room
and allows me to get rid of the crappy table I had.. One of those
sudden impulses and then I wonder why.. because it was bigger and
could allow all or most of us to sit at it. Still waiting on family pics but
will share as soon as I can. Tomorrow is my mom and dad's anniversary.
They I believe were married in 1948? So how many is that? My sister
wrote them a poem. Did I say how sappy I have become. Yes it made me
cry but what doesnt these days. Have a good evening..

We do not remember days we remember moments!