Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

No order to this post.. Finally some down time to blog a little.
Everyone has gone to bed, the house is a mess, wrapping paper,
bags, stuff all over. Dinner still to put away. But I am enjoying
catching up on my All My Children at the moment and a 12x12
layout just done.. This blown up picture of Londyn in blk/wht
is one of my favorites. I found this beautiful frame at goodwill.

Another window pane for self. Merry Christmas to me. The
family pictures were another gift to me.. So what better way to
display them. One was made for Penny as well for Christmas.

This little girl came in and woke me up this morning saying
Merry Christmas.. I dont know why but it made me cry and
smile all at once.

This little girl made out with clothes this year which is always
nice. And anything with Dora or Mickey Mouse goes over quite
Seperated and ready to go into albums.

Made several of these this year along with magnets of all sorts
for the refrigerator or magnetic boards. Made U of O , Oregon State
Disney along with other fun ones.

Two wonderful pillow cases one of my customers made me.
I love them!!!!

I never really got all my stuff out this year. We didnt even
have a tree. I saw this idea of a picture in a bottle out of the
Christmas Country Sampler. I think it is neat with blk/wht
More pics to come but for now I am tired. And sat here eating a
whole box of wheat thins. And am quite full.
I am thankful, blessed, warm and loved.. Truly the best gift of all.

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