Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Little of This and That

When mommy is working and gammy is scrapping this is what
I do.

Yesterday we headed to Eugene for game day.
She was less than thrilled about something. Love
it when she crosses her arms.
Yes another Christmas layout.. I filled another book up today.
I thought to myself I wonder if anyone will appreciate these one
day or if they will go into the trash.
I love this moss on a roll. But what in the heck should i do with
I love it when I get involved in playing in the house cause
Londyn gets involved moving things around too.
One of the things made at craft night. Love chalk boards. Now
if only I would errase once in awhile. But truth be told watch this
sit until spring. The candle i love too. It has the battery operated
lights. Thanks Brittany.
So this table was given to Jordan from my sister Pat for when
she gets a house. It is very old.. It doesnt really serve a purpose
as it is very small. But it frees up some space in my dining room
and allows me to get rid of the crappy table I had.. One of those
sudden impulses and then I wonder why.. because it was bigger and
could allow all or most of us to sit at it. Still waiting on family pics but
will share as soon as I can. Tomorrow is my mom and dad's anniversary.
They I believe were married in 1948? So how many is that? My sister
wrote them a poem. Did I say how sappy I have become. Yes it made me
cry but what doesnt these days. Have a good evening..

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