Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Shabby Hoot's First Shabby Sale!

 My sis and I held our first shabby sale last weekend. This gal pictured above came and volunteered her time and for that I am forever grateful. My friend Mindy also helped throughout the week and weekend. She helped make signs, brought her items over, got lunch, brought Lemonade stand for the kids to participate in the sale.
 I planned on selling this little blue bike and could of time and time again. After looking at it I just couldn't part with it. It made for a cute display. Everything else sold except the buffet which wasn't for sale.
 We had chairs, scales, windows, doors, chalkboards, typewriters, you name it we had it.

 I had to take a pic of the line we had waiting to pay. Amazing and I was so giddy about it. The time, work and energy it took made it all worth while to see so many people leaving with a treasure. I have had several since than sending pics of their prize pieces and what they have done with them.
 Sunday started out quiet and we weren't left with much but we still managed to get rid of mostly everything. Even my daughter came and bought this bike from my friend and took home this gate. I am happy she is finally loving shabby. It took her awhile and I questioned who's daughter's she was lol.

In the end the kids made some money and I made some and we were all one big happy family. I am already planning in my head my next sale. Hope you enjoy your day. Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!