Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Few Finds!

My neighbor had a sale last Saturday I was so excited, not only did I get to help her stage it and advertise I got first pick. So fun for me and she wouldn't let me pay for any of it.
 I adored this white barrel. I have wanted one for awhile. I was so excited that it was white. I put an enamel pan in it for now. I am sure I will change it up before the week is up.
We went to the Portland Saturday market about an hour away. Oh my had so much fun. It was super hot that day. I spotted this hat and it was love at first site. Made out of all recyclable clothing. It has a flower that snaps and came with two other ones. I am giving this lady a plug as she had some really cute things. Her etsy is on vacation right now but you must check it out when she gets back to it.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/HighDesertBoutique We wandered all the booths, had some good food and drinks, listened to music, wet our feet in the water park and walked all day. Hoping to get back there next month. Have a great night. Blessings Pam

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Jane Eyre Collection Oh My!

 Their collections are about storytelling and the gathering of vintage fabrics, new fabrics, vintage buttons, embellishments and vintage findings for the jewelry is one of the beautiful and exciting parts about offering our two collections a year.
They still have so many gorgeous jewelry pieces and  have a large supply of other bags so I hope you will go and take a peek at what they have been working on.
                                       They are having a huge giveaway also. Head on over to read up on all the details. I really would love to win!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summertime Finds!

 Wow I cant believe how little time I have made for my blog. Summertime is flying by. I have only hit a couple of sales this summer. Hoping to go this weekend for a bit. Also hoping to do some much needed purging again. I have found a few things that I love.
 I love burlap as most people know and this pottery barn bag caught my eye at a antique store we stopped at on a day trip to Silverton. Now if I will just use all my bags.
 I really liked this $8.00 find pictured above. So many options for it.
My ever changing porch. I finally got Doug to hang the scale for me. I love where it is and with each season I can add something different. Have been enjoying lots of bbq's with family and swimming at my daughters. Hope your all having a great July! Blessings Pam

Thursday, July 3, 2014

DYI Projects!

 Last weekend I was able to get some much needed projects done. This birdcage pictured above was green. I bought off a friend for $10.00. I painted it white and I must say I am happy  with how it turned out.
 I was able to get my spool stained and add an umbrella. Now on the look out for bar stools. I am having a hard time finding any. All the stores have already clearanced their summer stuff. Seems early.
The bottle pictured on the right was a vodka bottle with a really cool 4th of July sticker. I soaked it for days as I really liked the bottle. I kept thinking why am I wasting my time but I really wanted to keep it. I finally used WD-40 and it worked. By Sunday evening I sure felt accomplished and was ready for what the week sent me. Now I am ready for the next weekend. Have a wonderful 4th of July! Be safe! Blessings Pam
We do not remember days we remember moments!